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hope for the redeemed.


I’m a little bit anxious for tomorrow.  Not only is it June 1st, a beginning of a new month–but, it means there are exciting new hostess and guest promotions for Mary & Martha.  And if that weren’t enough?  They’ve even added an additional sweet sale.  Are you ready for this?


First of all, the June guest promotions rock.  They have introduced a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that is available with a $50 order.  I love it and can’t wait to get it on my kitchen table…


Isn’t that the sweetest jar?


It seriously needs to come live in my home.  On my table.  In my bathroom.  Around the kitchen.  You know…every room could use one.  And the greatest thing about it?


It’s only $8 with a $50 purchase!!!



I’ve got lots of ideas for a $50 purchase.  And then I received this flyer in my email and it sealed the deal for me…


That right there is rolls of fun, I’m telling you.

If you’ve thought about these napkins, love the fun colors, and wanted a discount?  It’s your lucky next couple of months.  And that sweet jar?  Can be yours too.  Or a coffee scoop—which are one of the coolest items we have too.

See why I’m excited for June?

mission POSSIBLE!!


Ok. So the more I think about this whole idea, the more excited I get.

Let’s just put it out there that children’s ministry during the summer time is hard. Anyone with me? We’ve come off a great year full of excitement from the kickoff in the fall, fun activities and continuity making it a safe, expected, and comfortable time each and every Sunday. Then you bring in a couple of fun and fab mornings with the approaching Easter celebration. And you ride on that through the end when school is out. Now what?

Chances are kids are ready for a break and most definitely your awesome small group leaders are as well. Pair that with the sporadic attendance due to family vacations, sports events, and traveling—it leaves you with a sometimes difficult few months of planning and productivity.



This whole idea came from our upcoming VBS theme which we will be doing in the latter part of August.

So why not launch kids into mission where they live, work, and play?
This just happens to be an initiative of our entire church—isn’t it awesome how God works all of these things together? I’m always amazed.

Anyway—we are working this summer to send our kids on a mission. To show God’s love to those who they encounter the through their weeks at home, the pool, softball and baseball games, on vacation, or anyone else God nudges them to bless. Oh I can hardly wait!

I am hoping to document how our kids reach out to others in the next few weeks. I am hoping and praying that lives will be changed. I am excited about this breath of fresh air of “out of the box” teaching, learning, and executing.

So Journey Kids—this is new. You are our pilot group. You’re going to show us how it’s done. And I think you’re going to blast off some really super cool things.

We begin THIS Sunday at 9:30 am. And will meet the first Sunday of each month through the summer. (June 1, July 6, and August 3). With our grand finale being a weekend of VBS. Here we go!!

they keep me humble…


iPhones are a wonderful thing. I barely ever take our real camera. And we capture so many things we never could before–all because we always have our phones. It’s always fun to take a look through to see what has happened through the day with multiple people taking pics and video. Some incriminating I might add. But there are always those times when you see love and joy in the eyes of your kids. Like when they love on the littles in church.

And then there are the pics taken to snap chat to others. Like, I have no idea who all got pics of me while I was “in the zone” for worship team.

When you are a mom of teens, are you always subjected to things like this?

more lasts…


We have the older two –and the younger two. It’s always made perfect sense because the Littles were both in elementary school…


So when one of the littles has her last day of elementary school, it kind of messes things up. Like how does this work? No more fun days? Entering junior high? For real?

Oh Kourtney…my baby girl is really growing up. No more pigtails for you. No more cutesie frilly dresses. No more little desks. Who knows? We may not even get to buy crayons again. 😢


But you know what? Exciting things are ahead. You’re growing up and it’s good. Maybe not in my momma heart, but it’s good. Trying to prep for the last walk down the elementary school halls. Ouch.



Alrighty everyone…

They’ve done it again!!

This great little Gather Sign is normally $54.

On SALE now for $20!!



Can I just tell you how perfect this is for your kitchen?  Where your friends and family meet together.  Isn’t your kitchen the place people gather around?  Mine is!  And in your kitchen you bring people together, you eat, you fellowship, and you give thanks.


HERE’s the scoop:

Locals—your shipping is ON ME.

Quantities are limited, so I am taking PRE-orders today and tonight with the order being placed bright and early tomorrow morning.


BUT, that’s not all.

I am giving away ALL of the hostess benefits.  Did you hear that?  ALL of them!!!  For each Gather Sign you order, you will be entered to win ALL of the hostess benefits.


we meet the goal of selling 25 signs.

This is going to be super fun!  And I LOVE to give free product away.  It could be YOU!  And you never even have to host a gathering.  So why not load up on these signs—perfect for weddings, birthdays, and should I even breathe the word, Christmas?


Message, call, Facebook, text to get yours pre-ordered TODAY!

class of 2018.


Class of 2018~~that sounds distant, far away, and like we have years upon years before High School Graduation hits.  I am not naive enough to know that it is basically here.  BASICALLY HERE!!

I am meeting this new era in our life over here as we approach High School with a sophomore and freshman and I am so super excited.  Just like it was when they were in junior high together, they get to do the high school thing as well.  And this time?  For 3 years!

What a gift.

It may not always feel like a gift.  Because you know…they are high school girls and they are sisters.

Then again, it will feel like a gift.  Because they are high school girls and they are sisters.  Together this upcoming year holds for them volleyball, basketball, cheer, track, band, chorus, pep club, and more together.



Steve and I have done what many parents do with multiple kiddos while juggling a junior high and high school schedule. It’s pure craziness.  Especially during basketball season.  Holy moly.   Oh gosh—the morning they stole each other’s track uniforms and the meet was on the same day—wow.  Or when they each needed the same spandex and only one was clean?  Or the time the “game socks” were no where to be found, except on someone’s feet and those feet were already at school?  Or how about the case of the missing mascara leaving one having to use the “clumpy” mascara?  These are fun times, folks.  {smile}

Truly.  They are fun times.  Looking back on some of these stressors we dealt with this past year makes be abundantly grateful those were the stressors we dealt with.

Next year is going to be a year of breathing.  For one year out of the next 5, we are dealing with ONE schedule!!  Did you read that Steve?  ONE schedule next year.  And that’s where we are focusing.  The next thing upon us.  Nothing further than that.  And we are going to just breathe.  Because we all know what is trailing up behind…



A few things I have learned about this past weekend of high school graduations (which are so different now that I have a child who goes to school with the grads themselves!!) and 8th grade promotion…








1.) Our kid is surrounded by some amazing people–


2.) Don’t EVER ask for a “teal” colored cupcake from Dillons. I am not kidding.

3.) Steve and I may just be losing our minds raising these girls, not to mention our boy.

I’m not going there. I have to talk myself out of a super huge lump engulfing my throat. I’m not going there. Too much to be thankful for. Too much to look forward to. Sometimes, it just is too much. Ever felt that way?