hitting the BIG SCREEN!!!



Mary & Martha products have hit the BIG screen!!

Blessed by the Grace of God is right up in my kitchen and was one of the pieces I knew I would have to see in my home each day. I can’t wait to see where they used it in the movie Mom’s Night Out!


Micah 6:8 has been a special verse for Steve and I as it was centered around one of our mission trips we took when we were youth sponsors many years ago. I love it because of the message and I love it because it’s an awesome piece for a guy’s office in particular. Not feminine looking at all. And it’s in the movie too!

So here’s the deal. Because if we have pieces that are making the movies, then those pieces need to be on special. That’s just all there is to it.

Orders must be placed through me to receive this special.

Blessed by the Grace of God–$50 (tax and shipping included)

Micah 6:8–$40 (tax and shipping included)

Making it easy because math is not fun for me. Ha!! This special will go through the month of May because I am here to tell you all–I’m not sure how this month got to be SO busy for me, but it is. And it has left very little time for gatherings if I want to see my family…

So be thinking of the weddings you have coming up, and Father’s Day, and birthdays and Christmas!! ( do any of you shop this early for Christmas?)

And after you’re done shopping, take a little time to go see the movie Mom’s Night Out!!!

(If you put together orders the rewards start at only $150 in orders!! Let me show you how to earn some free and half price product without even hosting!)


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