class of 2018.


Class of 2018~~that sounds distant, far away, and like we have years upon years before High School Graduation hits.  I am not naive enough to know that it is basically here.  BASICALLY HERE!!

I am meeting this new era in our life over here as we approach High School with a sophomore and freshman and I am so super excited.  Just like it was when they were in junior high together, they get to do the high school thing as well.  And this time?  For 3 years!

What a gift.

It may not always feel like a gift.  Because you know…they are high school girls and they are sisters.

Then again, it will feel like a gift.  Because they are high school girls and they are sisters.  Together this upcoming year holds for them volleyball, basketball, cheer, track, band, chorus, pep club, and more together.



Steve and I have done what many parents do with multiple kiddos while juggling a junior high and high school schedule. It’s pure craziness.  Especially during basketball season.  Holy moly.   Oh gosh—the morning they stole each other’s track uniforms and the meet was on the same day—wow.  Or when they each needed the same spandex and only one was clean?  Or the time the “game socks” were no where to be found, except on someone’s feet and those feet were already at school?  Or how about the case of the missing mascara leaving one having to use the “clumpy” mascara?  These are fun times, folks.  {smile}

Truly.  They are fun times.  Looking back on some of these stressors we dealt with this past year makes be abundantly grateful those were the stressors we dealt with.

Next year is going to be a year of breathing.  For one year out of the next 5, we are dealing with ONE schedule!!  Did you read that Steve?  ONE schedule next year.  And that’s where we are focusing.  The next thing upon us.  Nothing further than that.  And we are going to just breathe.  Because we all know what is trailing up behind…



A few things I have learned about this past weekend of high school graduations (which are so different now that I have a child who goes to school with the grads themselves!!) and 8th grade promotion…








1.) Our kid is surrounded by some amazing people–


2.) Don’t EVER ask for a “teal” colored cupcake from Dillons. I am not kidding.

3.) Steve and I may just be losing our minds raising these girls, not to mention our boy.

I’m not going there. I have to talk myself out of a super huge lump engulfing my throat. I’m not going there. Too much to be thankful for. Too much to look forward to. Sometimes, it just is too much. Ever felt that way?


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