mission POSSIBLE!!


Ok. So the more I think about this whole idea, the more excited I get.

Let’s just put it out there that children’s ministry during the summer time is hard. Anyone with me? We’ve come off a great year full of excitement from the kickoff in the fall, fun activities and continuity making it a safe, expected, and comfortable time each and every Sunday. Then you bring in a couple of fun and fab mornings with the approaching Easter celebration. And you ride on that through the end when school is out. Now what?

Chances are kids are ready for a break and most definitely your awesome small group leaders are as well. Pair that with the sporadic attendance due to family vacations, sports events, and traveling—it leaves you with a sometimes difficult few months of planning and productivity.



This whole idea came from our upcoming VBS theme which we will be doing in the latter part of August.

So why not launch kids into mission where they live, work, and play?
This just happens to be an initiative of our entire church—isn’t it awesome how God works all of these things together? I’m always amazed.

Anyway—we are working this summer to send our kids on a mission. To show God’s love to those who they encounter the through their weeks at home, the pool, softball and baseball games, on vacation, or anyone else God nudges them to bless. Oh I can hardly wait!

I am hoping to document how our kids reach out to others in the next few weeks. I am hoping and praying that lives will be changed. I am excited about this breath of fresh air of “out of the box” teaching, learning, and executing.

So Journey Kids—this is new. You are our pilot group. You’re going to show us how it’s done. And I think you’re going to blast off some really super cool things.

We begin THIS Sunday at 9:30 am. And will meet the first Sunday of each month through the summer. (June 1, July 6, and August 3). With our grand finale being a weekend of VBS. Here we go!!

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