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summer’s coming…be a YES mom!!


Oh my—I am IN LOVE with this blog post that I read this morning.  Seriously in love, to the point that I want you ALL to read it.


Summer is coming.  With that brings a lot of excitement for the kids, Steve and me.  But it also brings along with it some anxiety in keeping the kids busy so they aren’t sitting around all day.  It brings upon anxiety for me as my older girls near the age of leaving home (oh my gosh I can barely write that!!) that I have taught them to do all of the things they are going to need to learn as they go out into this world on their own.  Cooking and taking care of our home, their rooms, the bathroom—just to name a few.  And now with them driving—putting gas in the car, keeping it clean (I am a HORRIBLE example of this), and routine maintenance, just to name a few…

There is SO much.  That overwhelms me.  I feel and I know that the clock is tick, tick, ticking away and we have so much to teach and learn in such a short amount of time.  Natalie is getting her first “real” job this summer—and so a checking account is on the list of to do’s.  Things like this, which are so good and so necessary as they grow up, are just beating at our door right now.  Embrace it, Steph!!!!


ANYWAY, my whole point to this is really about THIS.

You need to read THIS.

Oh I wish I were starting over with my babies.  I think it’s especially important for moms with young kiddos.  But then…I really sat and soaked it in.  It is equally important for me with my kids at the ages they are at as well.  Just read it.  You’ll know what I’m talking about.


Kids of all ages need to know their ideas are great!!  YES!!  Let’s go to Druber’s at midnight and get no sleep.  YES!!!  Let’s stay up late and pop popcorn and eat M&M’s on a school night.  YES!!!  You can bake whatever you want in my clean kitchen.  YES!!!  Play your recorder for an hour and I will listen to ALL of the songs you know.  YES!!!  Come with me to my Mary & Martha gathering.  YES!!!  I’ll run in the sprinklers with you.  YES!!!  Let’s play Midnight/Starbright.  YES!!!  How about a Sonic drink during Happy Hour for an after school snack.  YES!!!  I’ll go on a walk with you while you ride your ripstick.

I love THIS post.  Because I love these people…



a couple of exciting things!


Whirlwind is what it is over here—how about for you?  The excitement is in the air as kids are winding down and finishing up their school year.  Graduations, track meets, music concerts, “fun” days, field trips, baseball and softball practices—you name it.  I kind of love it.  It’s energizing and is just a big ‘ole precursor to summer activities that are tapping at our door.


I have two children who are ending an “era” in their school careers.  Kourtney is moving to the MIDDLE SCHOOL—-gah!!!  And Kassidy is moving to the high school–double gah!!   Oh my aching momma heart.  We have had such special people come into each of their lives in the schools where they are at now, that it is really hard to move on and leave them.

It is easy to say, that we are abundantly grateful to our teachers and others who touch our kids in our school.

And I’m sure I am “giving away” our teacher gifts and they may know now what is coming their way by reading this post—but it’s ok!  I am excited to celebrate what they’ve done for my kids.

The GRACE and GRATITUDE mug reads “Begin each day with a grateful heart”.

Haven’t decided if a coffee shop gift certificate or a flower for them to plant will accompany this mug, but I do know each is getting a mug.  Do you have a teacher or teachers you would love to bless next week?

My order will be placed on Thursday, May 15th.  And if you’re local?  You’ll get your self a great deal by saving on shipping.

  $14 (tax and shipping included–I’m into simple math!!)

for a beautiful keepsake mug with a beautiful message to begin each day with.

And if you’re collecting our mugs?  Here is a great opportunity.  Have I shown you one of the things I love most about my Mary & Martha products?


I LOVE this “coffee bar”—is what we like to call it.  It is THE picture of Mary & Martha in my mind.

Simple, yet beautiful.  You’re always ready for guests to come for coffee or tea!

Maybe your child’s class would like to all go in on a gift like this?

The Praise Tray and 6 mugs.

LESS than $150 for it all!!

And then to put it over the top, you add in our food-safe pewter spoons…


and a coffee scoop with fresh roasted coffee…

Am I getting carried away?  SMILE!!!  Just ideas that I love that I know will bless special people in your life.

It’s a busy time.  Mary & Martha can help you out with your gift-giving!

The NEXT exciting thing begins on May 15 as well…


They’ve done it again and added a little EXTRA WOW factor to the business kits.  Now…I don’t know about you, but that is some crazy good stuff coming in those kits.

And I DO KNOW, it’s crazy good being a Mary & Martha consultant.

And you know what else I do know?

I would love to have you join my team.

There you go!!  That’s my EXCITING for you this Tuesday!

sweet passing moments.



When my little boy grabs my hand and wants to hold it, not caring who sees. Will this be a “last”? That lump in my throat just writing this, tells me that it just might. I hope not. But if it is, I am remembering it just as it was. As an almost 10 year old at a track meet with his mom. And thankful for a Daddy who captured this when we weren’t looking. As Landon grabbed my hand, I never wanted to let go. And then just like that he ran off—probably to tackle his sister in the grass. “Let me hold you longer”…

that’s somethin’ special.


When a softball coach comes to watch you at your track meet…



When others invest in your child’s life?  It is humbling.  And overwhelming to see and feel the love.  Because let’s face it, when you only know a couple of people at a track meet?  And the events are few and far between and the waiting goes on and on and on?  That really is something special.  Thanks Alaina for your commitment and love for youth ministry.  It definitely does not go unnoticed.


let’s play ball.


“Yesterday’s home runs won’t win today’s games”~~Beth Jones-Schall

Perhaps the most powerful words I have heard all week.



Using your gifts God has given you.

Each and every day.

Work Hard.

Because someone is always working harder and longer than you.

Celebrate your successes, but know it doesn’t guarantee success in the long run.

I love it.  I love it for me.  I love it for Steve.  I love it for my family.  I love it for each of us.

Let’s play ball.

hitting the BIG SCREEN!!!



Mary & Martha products have hit the BIG screen!!

Blessed by the Grace of God is right up in my kitchen and was one of the pieces I knew I would have to see in my home each day. I can’t wait to see where they used it in the movie Mom’s Night Out!


Micah 6:8 has been a special verse for Steve and I as it was centered around one of our mission trips we took when we were youth sponsors many years ago. I love it because of the message and I love it because it’s an awesome piece for a guy’s office in particular. Not feminine looking at all. And it’s in the movie too!

So here’s the deal. Because if we have pieces that are making the movies, then those pieces need to be on special. That’s just all there is to it.

Orders must be placed through me to receive this special.

Blessed by the Grace of God–$50 (tax and shipping included)

Micah 6:8–$40 (tax and shipping included)

Making it easy because math is not fun for me. Ha!! This special will go through the month of May because I am here to tell you all–I’m not sure how this month got to be SO busy for me, but it is. And it has left very little time for gatherings if I want to see my family…

So be thinking of the weddings you have coming up, and Father’s Day, and birthdays and Christmas!! ( do any of you shop this early for Christmas?)

And after you’re done shopping, take a little time to go see the movie Mom’s Night Out!!!

(If you put together orders the rewards start at only $150 in orders!! Let me show you how to earn some free and half price product without even hosting!)

he said he researched…


Four year old landscape seems to me that it would be thriving and lush, and getting to look really, really good, full, and established.

Should my rose bushes look like they just came from the nursery after being planted a few months before?

Steve assured me he researched. And watched what the green thumb neighbors do.

I am hoping he is right.