sizzling, hot, summer surprises!


You know what I can’t believe?

In less than 5 weeks, me and 5 members of my Mary & Martha team are heading to Kansas City for our National Conference.

(first of all, how sweet is it that it’s in Kansas?!)

And do you know what happens at Mary & Martha’s National Conference?

Well, there’s A LOT that happens at National Conference—but what you would most be excited about is the FALL product reveal.  That’s right.  In 5 weeks we are going to have in our hands new product and a new product guide.  I can hardly wait!!

So what is going to be happening in Mary & Martha land during these next 5 weeks?  A lot.  That’s what.  JUST IN TODAY!!!  A few Dayspring products are making their way into our selling lineup.  For just a few weeks.  And they are some sweet products.  Products I’ve been looking at and products I know my customers are going to love.

So…I will get on with it!  Check this out…

SummerExclusiveFlyer1 SummerExclusiveFlyer2_2 SummerExclusiveFlyer3

My quick two cents on this deal.

Holly Gerth is amazing.  See the bundle above.

My goodness…did you see that tray?

I have wanted that family organizer since the day Dayspring showcased it.

The By Grace Alone sign was a hugely popular product I sold that discontinued…and now it’s back for a limited time!

And I’m thinking you can never have enough of those sweet glass vases.

What is YOUR favorite sizzling summer item?


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