it’s like waiting for Christmas…


I am completely out of my mind excited for June 12th.  And I am not the only one.  Everywhere I turn around, someone is promoting and pumping up the date JUNE 12th!!  You know why?  Because the Erin Condren Life Planners for 2014-2015 are being revealed.  


Wanna check out the hype? 

Click HERE

I am thinking we should have an Erin Condren Life Planner Ordering Party.

Do you know how hard it is for me to make a decision on the design of my planner?  Last year, I decided that I would go with the one that grabs me first.  And not look back.  I have a new plan.  I am going to mull over my decision like I used to do.  Because that is half the fun.  Being a designer.


Now, I am fully aware that I am weird and obsessive about my family planners.  I am.  It’s almost a sickness.  I buy purses and bags ONLY if they fit my planner.  Because, it must be with me.

And that is why I justify these.  I love them.  They stick with me through thick and thin.  And you’ve heard before, there will be no commitment from me unless I consult my planner first.  We are BFF’s.


They aren’t cheap.  It is a small investment for 12 months.  And it keeps you organized.  And it’s a ton of fun.  I think you will love them.  I wish I sold them.  Actually, I wish I had created them.  Can’t wait for June 12th!!!  


One of my absolute favorite blogs is highlighting the planners TODAY and will be giving away 20 of them!!!  You should check it out!


If you are interested in ordering your own planner this year—both of us can SAVE.  Click HERE.


(And now I need to go mark in my planner for June 12th.  Sorry world, I will not be available that day.  It’s just me, my coffee mug, computer, and well…4 kids—maybe I’ll let them sleep in that day?)


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