keepin’ it simple.


Meaningful entertaining…made simple. That’s what it is. And let me tell you, after the past few nights of being called in to work, simple is where it had to be for me, in every sense of the word.

Now, my house is definitely looking like mom has been out of commission. Likewise, my fridge is near empty. Just ask my family. So, a family BBQ invite was so very welcomed last night. But what to make with an empty fridge?

For Kassidy’s 8th grade promotion party she requested sliders and Mac and cheese. Well if you know me, I wanted to incorporate Mary & Martha paper bakeware any time I can because I have a mild love affair with it. So, despite the angst of my mother who did not think baking her homemade Mac and cheese would work in the large cups, I gave it a try. And it baked up awesome! I just made sure to have adequate half and half so they did not dry out as they baked. And they were just too darn cute.


Mac and cheese was requested at the BBQ tonight. And the new Mary & Martha summer exclusive wooden tray we are selling from Dayspring held all of those cups so nicely!


Gotta love simple, right? Yes, I do!

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