my kitchen was clean, so…


I have been in my kitchen and laundry room ALL day long.  I am in preparation mode for our schedule the next week.  And I’m really trying to stock my freezer with meals.  And Tonya posted a yummy looking Mexican recipe and I had the majority of the ingredients–so it was a SCORE!!  Check out the recipe HERE-–the fam loved it!  And there’s a whole extra meal that’s jumping in the freezer for another time.  Love it when that happens.  Thanks for the yummy recipe, Tonya!


So after being in the kitchen and running my dishwasher umpteen times, washing pans that didn’t fit, and rewashing–I got my kitchen clean.  And do you know what happens when I get my kitchen clean?  I become a kitchen nazi and do not want anything to mess it up.  Like that is reality living with four children… HA!


What? No paper plates? Mary & Martha to the rescue!!!



Do you believe things sometime taste extra special depending on what they’re served in? Do you believe in the power of having fun? Building your own taco?



I do. And I believe I needed to see this blessing today on these Mary & Martha food trays. No—I wouldn’t have been doing laundry and cooking all day without these people. Ever so blessed is right.

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