My boys love pie. Landon’s favorite would probably be cherry. And Steve’s? Sour Cream Raisin. It was the very first pie I ever learned to make. And it’s one of the last pies I would ever eat—besides a custard pie, of course. I would never eat that.
(You know—it’s this whole egg

There is something special about pie. Not everyone makes it–but it really is not hard to make. Especially if you have your crusts ready to go. I have a grandma who is an amazing pie maker! And so does Steve. And my mom is pretty good too. There is just something special about pie…

So—there’s something special about Mary & Martha this month too. A huge sale and in 11 days? We get to find out what new products are in the fall lineup. I can’t wait! But before that happens, I wanted to have one last gathering featuring our spring products and catalog—AND—I wanted to feature pies. And? I wanted you to get more than the literal piece of pie—but a piece of the Mary & Martha rewards pie! Some friends of mine have done this and it seems to have been really fun. Check out all of the details below…



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