finding balance.


How are ya’ll doing it?  I seriously need a class on Keeping your Family Running 101.  Yes, I need an entry level class.  Almost 16 years into mothering, and I still haven’t mastered it yet.  Or maybe it should be Keeping Your Family with Kids Activities Running 101?  I think I was doing just fine about 5 years ago.

There’s always times sprinkled into our lives that I completely over commit.  I’ve done it time and time again.  It’s a mixture of things that have to be done,  I want to be done, and need to be done.  And then sometimes all I’m left with is NOTHING GETTING DONE.

July may be too late in the year, or early in the year depending on how you look at it, to be declaring a theme, a goal, an aspiration.

But I feel God speaking very loudly.  Like it’s probably a shout.  That finding balance is what He wants for me.  That finding balance is what my family needs from me.  

Have you heard that God is always talking to us?  And it begins as a whisper, and then it gets louder and louder and louder until we finally have no choice but to listen.  I want to hear His whisper the first time.  But much like my own kids at times, I choose not to hear it.


This table, that should have people sitting around it, eating together and sharing life together is fulfilling a much different purpose these days.  I don’t want this table balancing our life by holding laundry, to-do lists, computer work, and more.  I want this table to be a source of balance.  And the only way to do that, is to clear it off.

Finding Balance 101.  Sign me up.

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