I wanna be tangled up.


Getting Landon ready for camp this weekend left me with guilt and disappointment.  We were forever searching for his bible.  And couldn’t find it.  Granted, we had many bibles to choose from.  Kids bibles, a really cool sports bible (which he ended up taking), BUT he does have his very own neat Adventure Bible.  And nowhere to be found.

I did eventually find it.  Of course, on his dresser, camouflaged with a KU Jayhawks book cover hours after we dropped him off at camp.  I started thinking, as a Children’s Ministry guru—how many times have I even encouraged our kids at church to bring their bibles?  We have bibles there for them all to use, so I’ve always gone with that.  But COME ON STEPH!!  They should be the book they reach for at home.  They should know exactly where it’s at.

And then it hit me.  Is it the book I reach for first at home?  Did I take my bible to church yesterday?  Oh my goodness…no.  I didn’t.

We had a great message yesterday, but one thing that stood out more than anything to me was this…

Are you doing life WITH God?  Or are you just spending moments with Him.

I love my early morning alone time before the kids get me going in the day.  I love my Jesus Calling devotional.  I read the scripture it references.  I get the K-Love verse of the day to my inbox.  I’m doing good, right?

Doesn’t feel much to me like I’m all tangled up doing life with God.  It’s more like I’m spending moments.  Which is a good start.  But I have a long way to go.  And if I want my kids to do life?  It’s going to have to start with ME.



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