Decision made and so is the pie!!


“Prom through the decades” is happening this weekend! And I finally made a decision and narrowed down my prom dress choices. Thank you to so many of you for offering and letting me try dresses—this was fun and scary all in one! Ha!! Here is your glimpse—what era did I go with?

Let’s just say, I’m putting on some ruby red lips to match…and oh boy—Steve’s attire may include some polyester? Still working on that.

Tonight is the night for your chance to earn a slice of the pie, while getting some major discounted products! I will be mostly showing sale products tonight as the sale ends in 2 days!!! But it’s really ending in one if you want me to help you out, because we will be heading out to KC early Friday morning.

The {rewards} pie is definitely growing over here—and you may grow a bit if you indulge in a piece of this tonight…

And don’t forget, while this sale is going on, so is the sale on owning your own business!

The next couple of days are going to be BUSY. Be checking Facebook and the blog for special product highlights as we close out the last of the sale. And here’s another fave for all of the little girls in your life…

These puzzles are keepers through the generations and so is the message of “God’s Light in Me”. It’s beautiful, big, and a perfect gift for your puzzle lovers out there—and puzzles are great for your brain—(is that why I struggle with them?) AND only $14!!!!


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