Camp in numbers.


I’ve got to say…he loved it.

17.) the number of lizards sighted throughout the week (luckily they are not allowed to touch them and therefore none are coming home with us)

16.) the number of times Landon played his new favorite game “Ga-Ga Ball”

11.) the number of home cooked meals eaten (that may be more than he’s had all summer–😳)

9.) the number of socks packed

8.) the number of underwear packed.

5.) the number of shorts/shirts packed

4.) the number of nights Landon stayed in a cabin at church camp.

3.) the number of times he said he brushed his teeth. (note–there was uncertainty in his voice)

3.) the number of “interest” group sessions he had. (2 of which were basketball, and the other —ga ga ball)

3.) the number of times he “thinks” he took a shower (insert more uncertainty)

3.) the number of his underwear soaking wet at the lost and found table. (Uhhhh.)

2.) the number of girls I saw him talking to.

1.) the number of times he has ever been to camp

0.) the number of times he said he was homesick. ( seriously?–not even at night? “Nope!”)


Basketball buddies from rival teams!

Trying hard to stay awake on the way home.


And…he’s out.

Happy to have him home. Not as much to deal with these wet undies. So glad we checked the lost and found.


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