and the hilarity ensued…


First of all—that is a funny pic, isn’t it? Steve’s college roommate and basketball buddy–a friendship that formed, grew, and remains long after college. Neither of them made it to the NBA. However, it has not stopped them from that dream for their sons. Guessing the tall one has a shot! (No pun intended.)




For sure a highlight of our mini vacay to Kansas City was reconnecting with the “old” Baker University gang and their families. Oh my. Not sure I have laughed that hard since the first time I met you, Bruce Yarbrough. And something just never change. And I believe we all found a bit of comfort in that. AND a bit of disbelief. But hey…so it goes.

(For the record, this had to be “Bruce” influence)

We used to get together all of the time. We had about a two year span where all of the guys got married. You know how that goes? Everyone is everyone else’s groomsmen and you try as hard as you can to have the wedding with the best story. Chad—personally I remember yours quite well as they all donned the shirts…


Then came the years of having our “first” babies. Much different than the years of having subsequent babies. And my favorite was at a Japanese steak house with 5 babies all of the same age—all boys except for Kass. Had I known how true that is for Kassidy as some of her best friends are boys in her class even now—it must have started then.





Or course the Kaufman’s are known for having the MOST kids of the group. Has there ever been a time that has not been a point if discussion?! My Mary & Martha family knows that proved to be quite beneficial this past weekend…😉

What a sweet and happy ending to a sweet and happy weekend…


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