don’t send that to me.


There are a few things that get my attention right away.  I have learned now, through this texting generation, to understand their “lingo”.  And above all else, it is difficult to actually know the emotion behind the words.  Even with those crazy emoji’s.


So yesterday, I am working at my computer, when the text came in that made my heart sink…

from Natalie…“I don’t know what to do with my life anymore mom.  I’m seriously so depressed”.

20140717-062529-23129636.jpgKaren Kingsbury?  I’ve got to hand it to you.  You made a reader out of my girl.  My girl who reads only because she has to, has not been able to put down this series, Bailey Flanigan, from the very first book to the completion of all four of them.


I haven’t read them yet.  My addictive personality tells me that I would most likely not feed my family, shower, or do laundry until they were finished.  So, I’m holding off.

If you are looking for some amazing books for your teen daughters, this is the series to get.  I will never forget the look on their faces when they opened up the books for Christmas.  It was like a looming homework assignment with no promise of a Book-It from Pizza Hut.

Thank you, Karen Kingsbury, for making a reader out of my girl.  Of course, she is looking for a husband just like the character, Brandon Paul.  I’m just excited that Christmas is looking pretty easy.

Click HERE to read all about them and get your own set!


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