We are going on our second day with an only child.  It’s weird!!  I was an only child for 4 years until my brothers entered my life with their toy tractors and implements, baseballs and footballs, and tinker toys.  If I knew what cursing was at my young age, I would have had to bite my tongue each time I stepped on a lego.  Barefoot.


We had a fun day watching basketball, trying out new restaurants, and meeting up with my family before Kourtney headed out to church camp.


(you would think Steve is meeting my Dad for the very first time…a handshake?)


This isn’t my favorite way to send my girl off to camp, but it’s how it happened this year.  Thank goodness for friends, Grandma and Grandpa, and cousins.  We got a call from Kourtney Sunday morning with “I was sitting in church and I had butterflies in my stomach because I am so excited to go to camp”.  Now, if that doesn’t ease your mind as a parent, I don’t know what will.  That message from her was a gift.  As was her cousin joining her at camp last minute–and they are even cabin mates!!

campmennokourt campmennokourt2

I believe Landon is thrilled with his new found only child role for the week.  I am thrilled that he is still asleep at 9:00 am today!  The boy was tired after a very full weekend.  A weekend doing something he loves most.  And with kids and a coach who are like family to him.

topeka1 topeka2

lawrence1 lawrence2 lawrence3 lawrence4

The Big Biscuit–could quite possibly be the cutest name for a breakfast place ever.  I love Lawrence.  And I love our family there.  However, I do NOT love omelets.  That was Steve’s–documented because he thought it could be his best omelet ever.


Not always is it easy to start a Monday with a grateful heart.  But today?  It was really easy.

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