gotta love wakin’ up to this…


While I was sleeping today, exciting things landed on my door.  And it made getting up and staying up after a night with the babies just a bit easier…

mmerincondren mmnewproduct mmpitchers

Now, these are only boxes you say?  Wait until you see what’s inside waiting…


Just a few of our ever popular Grace and Gratitude Pitchers that have been out of stock for months due to high demand…no big deal.  {can’t wait to deliver these!!}

$30 until August 1st!! (price increase to $36)


And a few of these green glass vases…the guest promo until August 1st.

only $8 with a $50 purchase


And just a few of our BRAND NEW FALL CATALOGS!!!

fall product launch is monday, august 4th at 7:00pm!

click Here to rsvp!!

mmec mmplanner

And just my Erin Condren calendar and life planner.   Welcome to your new home, my sweet, sweet, planner.  My pen and I have been waiting…

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