na, na, na na…hey, hey, hey—goodbye!


It’s July 29th.  Two more days until August.

Mary &Martha spring catalog will no longer be current.  The new catalog WILL be ACTIVE!!!


This is exciting!

And a little bit sad, especially if you loved some of the products that are on their way out.

So, for the next couple of days–grab what you need before they leave.

10320469_10202541174226014_4363562598703813036_n 10334462_650843578335507_7166365657725242198_n 10383661_572645432844196_883306048181793093_n 10410734_277872889063140_1007892334452951572_n 10429314_839589109393171_1462333634561205463_n 10430867_839585286060220_8669800624275803774_n 10443492_839585496060199_5805125641842546484_n 10479727_689189474485063_8932024051309854689_n 10501665_839589429393139_5803826598635770083_n 10513414_839585482726867_2167248297485142562_n

Only a couple more days…and it’s

So LONG, FAREWELL, auf wiedersehen

(that really is how you spell it, I promise–cue the Von Trapp children!)



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