wonder if we’re cheating them…


Last year at this exact time of the year, I took each of our kiddos shopping for school supplies–on their own.  Each had their own afternoon blocked off to spend one on one, purchasing school supplies and choosing a place to get a snack or a drink.  Each experience was as different as each of the kids are.  It’s always amazing when you get a child of four alone for a few hours.  One of my most favorite memories of last summer.  Each outing was as unique as each of the kids were.  And I loved it.  And we didn’t have a cart full of craziness and mayhem as we searched for the exact trapper keeper, erasers, 20 #2 pencils, and Expo brand dry erase markers.


Which begs to question our decision in school supply shopping this year…


With the exception of a couple of things, we ordered everything online.  I didn’t step foot in a store to search for anything.  Is this sad for them?  They know nothing of it yet.  Opening a delivered box of school supplies will surely be exciting, right?

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