countdown–back to school style.


Back to school is in 8 days!  We have one week and one day left to soak up the last few days, hours, and minutes of summer.  And with 100 degree days, it is making it feel like we are in the middle of summer.

We aren’t just sitting around with nothing to do.  Last minute dental appointments, practices in full swing, and commitments to school are already taking place.  We just don’t go to bed as early.  Or have homework.  Or ride a bus.  Or have games.  Or worry about what we wear in the morning.  Or what to pack for lunch.  Oh my goodness…it’s coming!!!



20140825-074936-28176590.jpgLate night (9:00 pm late–haha) hide and seek games are coming to an end.  It’s kind of sad?!  The carefree days and nights of little or no outside responsibility are dwindling.  Kourt just read this and said “no! we will still get to play!”.  Yes, yes.  It’s true.  They will still get to play—but it’s different.


I am one of those that wants to bawl my eyes out at the fact they are going back to school and at the same exact time I am THRILLED!!!  The beginning of fall has got to be about my favorite time of the year.  (although I say that at every start of a new season)

apple smiles

Things like this back to school snack idea that is floating around on facebook just makes me smile. (no pun intended)  And I can hardly wait to have those waiting for the kids after school!!  And we all know that by the end of the school year, kids are fending for themselves whatever they can find in the pantry, right?

I start off the year with a stocked freezer (can’t wait to tell you all about my Wildtree Freezer Workshop coming up on Saturday afternoon), lots of great lunch and dinner ideas and after school snacks.  It’s a new beginning and it’s exciting.


We are on the final countdown.  And when I say countdown I can’t help but think of one of the most fun things we did at our BLAST OFF VBS this past weekend.  Seriously, I think this may have been my favorite part of each day–and I know the kids loved it too.  Click below to check it out!

Are you and your kids ready to BLAST OFF to school?  Have they been there awhile already?  BLESSINGS to all as we begin a new year.

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