I shocked myself…running numbers.

I shocked myself…running numbers.

I will be the first to admit, when I see numbers whether it be balancing my checkbook, organizing the books for Mary & Martha, figuring tax (thank you % sign on my iphone calculator), and most recently while explaining hostess rewards for the month of September, my mind goes just a tad bit crazy.  Ok, a lot crazy!!!  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to find out after graduating from nursing school, that I could always double check my drug calculations by calling the pharmacy!!!  Are you scared for me to be your nurse now?  HA!  It’s not hard, but the simple fact that I am responsible for the safety of a human being and calculating drugs given it is a huge safety net to be able to double check.  Thank you pharmacists!!!  So there’s that.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to talk  with a very sweet friend of mine about the Mary  & Martha.  Lunch with a friend?  Share my love for the Mary & Martha business and ministry?  Listen to her why she would get into the business?  Well, it was just awesome—let me say that.  And then…I began figuring out a plan for her for the next month—the benefits she would receive when holding her Announcement Gatherings in the month of September by being her own hostess.  And I couldn’t believe what I saw.  I know she must have been thinking—this girl is crazy.  I was STUNNING myself!  HA!!


This is basically what it comes down to, and I am going to show you HOW.  But these are the very real numbers.

Earned Money = $60

Earned FREE Product = $800

GET OUT!!!  Right?

And after hearing that the reason she loved the business so much, is that she wanted to fill her home with the word of God, well—I got so excited.  Girl—your house will be FULL!

So here’s the breakdown.  First let’s start with what you get in the starter kit.  You have two different options..


Look at the amount of product you get + the extras!!

So, you buy your kit and now you need to have TWO Announcement Gatherings.  These are the easiest gatherings you will ever have.  You know why?  Because you are inviting as many people as you can to share with them your new venture!!  All you have to do is invite them over, show them the product which they will love, and go from there.

This is what you are working for…


On average, a gathering averages $500.  So meeting this incentive when scheduling Announcement gatherings, is easily attainable.

So let me go on.  By selling $1000 at the end of the Great Start Rewards period, you will have earned $250 in commission.  You have ALREADY made money and earned your investment back.  But that’s NOT all!!!!

You are your own hostess of the announcement gatherings.  And so by being your own hostess it just makes sense that you get all of the hostess rewards, right?  Do you know how much FREE product you will have earned after these announcement gatherings just by being your own hostess? 


So, this is what it looks like so far.  Are you getting frazzled, because my computer screen appears to be moving…

Let’s say you bought the most expensive kit, because who doesn’t want that amazing Ampersand Tray anyway?

You pay $150 (less tax and shipping)

You meet your Great Start Rewards and earn $250 in commission.

You earn $400 in FREE product from meeting your Great Start Rewards.

You earn $200 in FREE product for being your own hostess.

HOLY COW!!!  And then we throw this in…


Remember, with an announcement gathering, you are your own hostess?  And you have done two gatherings that were each $500 (our average gathering)

You now have the option to increase your FREE product by buying $20 to get $100 in additional FREE product!  September is just kind of crazy good with incentives like that.  Are you totally confused?  You can get an extra $100 in free product by paying $20.

So, if you do all of that?  This is the breakdown.

You pay for your starter kit $150

You have two $500 announcement gatherings and earn $250 in commission.

You met your Great Start Rewards and will receive $400 in FREE product.

You were your own hostess and you will receive $200 in FREE product.

Because of the hostess rewards in September, you pay $40 to increase your rewards.

You earn another $200 in FREE product.

So here comes the math.  Let me check with my pharmacist…

You earn $60

FREE Product $800

and you pay tax and shipping.


This is exactly how I felt when i was figuring this out.  I can’t imagine how my friend felt.

Needless to say, this is a pretty darn good time to join my team…

What do YOU think?



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