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don’t bury it.

don’t bury it.

Luke 16:10

Once I can be trusted with a little, THEN I can be trusted with a lot.


Time, treasures, and talents.  What has God gifted you?  Are you using it for His glory?  Are you being responsible for what He has entrusted you with?


 Our lesson for our kids this past week and month was all on responsibility.  In particular, the story of the three people given money to use responsibly.  The two, who put their passions to work and risked it all, and then to double the amount!  And the third, who “played it safe” and buried it.  Oh how he did disappoint.  This parable and teaching of responsibility and using what you have been given struck such a chord with me as we began making this a bit easier for the kids to understand.  Basically taking the whole “money” thing out of it.

Money is NOT the issue here.


But, using what God has given you is.  The gifts that YOU have been granted to do God’s will in your life and to further His Kingdom and bring Him glory.  Teaching kids is really teaching me. And of ALL lessons, I was very thankful to have a teacher teaching that I am constantly trying to teach too.  Did that make sense? (one of my own)  What a perfect lesson for us all.


20140930-102332-37412585.jpgListen to the people around you.  What are they telling you and showing you your gifts are?  How are you using them—or how can you learn to use them?  Oh I just want to say to these kids, and MY own kids—please, please, please…

Don’t Bury It.

lesson # 10,899 in raising kids


Suppose you have a couple of different obligations necessitating a couple of different vehicles in order for each to get where they are needed to go.

Suppose you drive both vehicles to church. Two kids with one parent and two kids with the other.

And suppose, when leaving the church each parent believes the other has the kids.

Supposedly, the end result may be that said children could be left in a neighboring community. In a school where we meet for church. With lights off and locked up. Because supposedly these children were so exhausted and fell asleep in a classroom during a meeting.

And let’s just say, when each parent believes the other had the kids, it might take a bit to figure it all out. Like maybe an hour or so. That is until the phone rings. And huffy people are on the other end wondering how we as parents could leave with only half of our kids in tow.

Of all of the lessons learned through parenting, two very distinct lessons shine through oh so clearly.

1.). This may be one of the times where cell phones were deemed a necessity.

2.). Never drive two cars to church.


compelled to share…

compelled to share…

Just think about for a moment~~what do you see when you look in the mirror?  What are the words racing through your mind as you look at YOU?

I don’t share many videos.  But this one.  This one got me.  It could be that this very same message, regardless of what you believe–the message coming from that mirror, This is the Face of Someone Jesus Loves.  No matter what lies you tell yourself.  No matter what others say or think.  There is one truth of the love of Jesus looking back at you.  That HE loves you and made you special.


Please watch this.  And yes, if you’re like me–you’ll need some tissues.  It is a beautiful thing.




Who needs this message in your life?


What are you saying when you look in the mirror? And what is it saying back to you…




calling all critics…

calling all critics…

I am in need of some help.  And after the last couple of weeks of preparation (that was really only happening in my mind–scary, I know) and then the past weekend of really getting serious about this humongous event we are taking Mary & Martha to, we came up with a genius idea.

Who better to give their opinions on favorite products, what catches their eyes, and what needs to be improved than YOU–the lovelies who support the Mary & Martha business and ministry?

Mary & Martha is going ON THE ROAD to the Holiday Galleria–a Junior League of Wichita Event next week.  Now, I have been in contact with many.  We have been talking to, planning, and praying together for how God wants to use Mary & Martha for his glory in an intentional 4 days of reaching thousands of women.  That is EXCITING!  And it’s a bit scary, to be honest.  But God does NOT give us a spirit of fear—right?  I have had different things that have happened and continue to happen which are confirming the decision to move right on in to this event.  It’s like God is saying “hold on tight–I’ve got this!!” 


I am asking for complete and total honesty here. What is your favorite Mary & Martha product?  And before you answer, let me tell you what my customers have shown me in what they purchase…

1.)  Grace & Gratitude Pitchers




These pitchers are definitely a customer favorite. And we have been playing around with different ways to doll them up for the holidays. But perhaps my favorite way to use them is to give with an arrangement at funerals.  I have a special customer who has done this several times, and I know the pitcher leaves a beautiful reminder for families.

Or how about these new tiles?

These tiles have sparked a new love for my Vintage Announcement board. I can hardly wait to show!

And a personal favorite are the Grace & Gratitude mugs and timeless pewter spoons.


Top 10 Overall Company Products sold in last 30 days~~~~

1.)  Kitchen Caddy

2.)  Stamped Jute Placemats

3.) Blessings Cardholder

4.)  Pick TWO Bakeware

5.)  Small Nested Basket

6.)  Grace & Gratitude Pitcher

7.)  Grace & Gratitude Mugs

8.)  ABC Magnets

9.)  Honey Jar

10.)  Tea Towels

We want to hear from YOU!!  So, for our Christmas Product Launch THIS SUNDAY, my garage is going to host a mock set-up of what Mary & Martha will be displaying at our Holiday Galleria booth.  We would LOVE for you to come and give us your opinion.  How could we make the booth look more inviting?  Which products need to be displayed differently?  Are we not showing your favorite product?  And why is that?

Click HERE for your facebook invite and JOIN!!  You are going to want a new Christmas Mini Guide and we have them waiting for you.  You are going to want to see our new Christmas products and they will be displayed.  You are going to want to help us make the Mary & Martha booth the best it can be, right?  And let’s not forget, a little Kettle Corn in our popcorn boxes and some hot apple cider might be the biggest motivation.  🙂

Come and stop by on Sunday, September 28th anytime after 4:00 pm.  We will be set up in the garage.  Bring your appetite and a “critics hat”.  You are THE FIRST to get a sneak peek at Christmas products, the Mini Guide, and our vendor booth.  And area consultants will be available to get your October, November, and December gatherings scheduled.

  Just because we love you…


I prayed for twins.


And 17 months was the closest I ever got. Didn’t stop me from dressing my girls alike for the first 10 years or so of their lives. Every Christmas, every Easter, and pretty much every Sunday for church.

They haven’t let me do that in a LONG time. But thanks to Spirit Week, we got to do it at least one more time!!

we’ve got spirit, yes we do!

we’ve got spirit, yes we do!

It’s getting a little crazy and a little exciting over here…

Our brand new Mary & Martha Christmas Product Guides ARE HERE!!!

Did you know what September 15th meant a couple of days ago?


WOWZA!  That’s crazy isn’t it?  So how many of you have already purchased at least one Christmas gift for this year?

This is the BEST time of year in Mary & Martha!  And even more fun now that we have exclusive Christmas products in a Mini Guide!–And just wait until you see how they’ve taken some of our beautiful products we already have and paired them together to decorate for the wonderful occasion of celebrating Christ’s birth!  It just makes you happy…So do you want a Mini Guide?  Would you love to see our new Nativity with scripture written on each and every piece foretelling the wonderful story of the birth of our Lord and Savior?  Did you know that the Baby Jesus can be placed in the manger OR in Mary’s arms?  This is going to be so fun.  And we want to share with you all at our Christmas Product Launch on September 28th at 4:00 pm.  Click HERE for all of the details!!!



THESE TILES are making their debut in my Vintage Announcement Board.

Gearing up for a very amazing Christmas selling season!  Do you want to gather with me? 




One decade. A decade ago it was made complete.

Landon Nathaniel Kaufman—all 6 lbs 11oz of pure boy joy—the missing LNK.


We were loving our house full of pink. In fact, a little baby “Kyndall” we thought we may get. But, Landon it was. Little did we know he was what we were waiting for.

How has it been 10 years? Our baby is in double digits. Slow down time…

Yes, Landon–you made us complete.

Happy Birthday to our basketball and football obsessed boy. The love this family has for you can only be surpassed by the One who created you to be.





And because I am feeling nostalgic, a look at my post of his last couple of birthdays.  Seems to be the same word showing up everywhere…complete.


Landon turns 8.

Landon turns 9.