School prep–the Wild Tree way.

School prep–the Wild Tree way.

This was fun. Not only fun, but productive!!! And that is a HUGE win for me.20140901-071807-26287150.jpg
The chopping part? Not quite as fun—especially the onions–you would have thought I lost my best friend. Tears rolling down my face strong. But in less than an hour, the prep for my Wild Tree Freezer Workshop was done! Even looking at my numbered bags ready for the next step was completely exhilarating—but I’m a bit weird like that anyway…

And while I was at it with the prep I had taken extra hamburger out and Natalie whipped up a couple Tator Tot Casseroles. Shameless plug alert!!!!!!! Look at how cute my Mary & Martha foil pans are!

Then, my friends starting showing up with their coolers filled with prepped supplies. This was making me giddy!

Which is obviously something I love. But to top it all off, we get to eat together, make food together and leave with 10 meals for our families? That seriously rocked.


Now, I would not do this company justice by trying to talk about it. Other than it combines all natural and organic seasonings and oils, mixes, etc to make delicious meals. I am excited to try our meals and let you know what my family thinks! I have a feeling they are just going to be pumped that there is a hot meal planned and ready for them. 😉. If you would like to know more about Wild Tree, I will hook you up with a couple of my friends and co-workers that have just started this business and are having a blast selling, eating and sharing the Wild Tree products and company. I’m excited that I feel like we are ready for the school year—at least as far as eating goes. Click HERE to learn more!

Stay tuned for reviews on our freezer workshop meals.


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