well, this is embarassing–wild tree recipe #1.


So you know I had my fun Wildtree Freezer Workshop last weekend, right?  I have been just absolutely giddy and almost ultra-prepared in the meal planning aspect of my life.  (um, laundry isn’t going quite as well—seriously, do your knee pads have to be washed after each practice?!)  Anyway…this is what I did for this workshop that raised some eyebrows from each and every guest at my home, including my sweet Wildtree rep, Krystal.

As I was preparing my shopping list and looking to see the amount of meat to get for each recipe, I decided that I was going to do 1 1/2 recipes.  The recipes say they will feed 4-6.  Granted, we have 6 people in our home–so it should be all good.  EXCEPT, that I love to have leftovers for my kids to take to school the next day.  AND I know that my kids will eat.  They aren’t picky and by the time the evening rolls around after practices and school—they are starving.  So that was my rational in doing an excessive portions with my recipes.  And it worked!  I had enough excess Wildtree seasonings and oils to make 1 1/2 recipes.  YIPPEE!!

That did not change the fact that people thought I was crazy for preparing that much food.  I even began questioning myself thinking man I hope they like this food because there could be a lot leftover. 


Again…giddy that I had supper prepared and in the fridge ready for Steve to start the grill, I was disappointed when I learned that my youngest two would be spending the evening and dinner time with grandparents. 

But am I EVER SO THANKFUL we did not feed them as well.


Because my Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp (grilled on skewers) along with the rice and quinoa and edamame is GONE.  Barely even a shrimp tail left.

Now, at this point—I am beginning to think I am raising piglets.  And I am beginning to think maybe Steve and I are the biggest pigs of all.  We all love shrimp, and this dish was excellent with just the right amount of spice.  Obviously, the four of us inhaled and declared it a keeper.  I was hoping there would be a bit left for the younger two.

Um, no.

NEXT time, I will make 3 recipes of this and make sure I wait to purchase shrimp when it’s on sale.  So the recipe was a winner.  I’m embarassed to say my family eats.  And they eat a lot.  So there you have it.  The Spanish Style Garlic Shrimp uses the Wildtree Garlic Grapeseed Oil and Wildtree Adobo Seasoning Blend.  I just wish I had a couple of shrimp for my lunch today…



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