Mom’s Best Homemade Ice Cream


So we are all started and rolling into the new school year—which inevitably makes us take a look back at the memories of the summer. Steve and I were astonished when we realized that we not once made our favorite homemade ice cream–which is generally a staple during the hot summer months. Immediately, we knew we were changing that. And we had the perfect reason to celebrate!! My beautiful mom’s birthday! However, last Friday night after the football game, a hot cocoa sounded better than ice cream…


That didn’t stop us! And let me stop right here in saying that TODAY is my dad’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dad–wish we could share homemade ice cream with YOU tonight after the game! (Wanna drive down for chili?)

Anyway…I have hesitated in sharing this recipe because it uses raw eggs. Yes–raw eggs! Let me go on by saying that I have eaten this homemade ice cream every one of my 40 years of life. And never once had any concerns related to eating this—except for eating TOO much because it is so darn delicious. ( and I have issues with eggs, remember?). I am sharing at Tonya’s Weekend Potluck and I asked her about the whole raw egg thing and sharing and the concerns it might raise. It made me nervous!! But she has wonderful information I would be happy to pass along to anyone interested in the safety of using raw eggs. 😉

This is one of those recipes that I never ever forget. You know the kind that doesn’t require reading the recipe. It’s just that good. It seriously is. But someday I will be glad I have it documented. So here you go. Don’t freak out at the raw eggs…just don’t make it if it puts you over the edge—I understand!!! But the taste is so out of this world, I am willing to bet you won’t care about the eggs after just one bite. Trust me here.

Mom’s Best Homemade Ice Cream

Mix together in your mixer:
7 raw eggs
3 cups white sugar
3 generous tablespoons real vanilla

Once mixed well, add a dash of salt and a squeeze of real lemon juice.

Next, add 1 quart (+) 1 pint of Heavy whipping cream and 1 quart (+) 1 pint Half and half. Mix well.

Next add to your ice cream maker. We use a White Mountain and absolutely love it! Follow directions of your ice cream maker/freezer. Makes 1 1/2 gallons.

Honestly, we have had a lot of ice cream in our lives–and this is the very best. No need for toppings even! And then I figured out that we could freeze the leftovers in my Mary & Martha soup containers. How cute is that?


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