One decade. A decade ago it was made complete.

Landon Nathaniel Kaufman—all 6 lbs 11oz of pure boy joy—the missing LNK.


We were loving our house full of pink. In fact, a little baby “Kyndall” we thought we may get. But, Landon it was. Little did we know he was what we were waiting for.

How has it been 10 years? Our baby is in double digits. Slow down time…

Yes, Landon–you made us complete.

Happy Birthday to our basketball and football obsessed boy. The love this family has for you can only be surpassed by the One who created you to be.





And because I am feeling nostalgic, a look at my post of his last couple of birthdays.  Seems to be the same word showing up everywhere…complete.


Landon turns 8.

Landon turns 9.


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  1. love your choice of””Birthday Cake””””” looks so delicious, what a wonderful idea!!!!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 oh and happy birthday Landon and many many more

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