we’ve got spirit, yes we do!

we’ve got spirit, yes we do!

It’s getting a little crazy and a little exciting over here…

Our brand new Mary & Martha Christmas Product Guides ARE HERE!!!

Did you know what September 15th meant a couple of days ago?


WOWZA!  That’s crazy isn’t it?  So how many of you have already purchased at least one Christmas gift for this year?

This is the BEST time of year in Mary & Martha!  And even more fun now that we have exclusive Christmas products in a Mini Guide!–And just wait until you see how they’ve taken some of our beautiful products we already have and paired them together to decorate for the wonderful occasion of celebrating Christ’s birth!  It just makes you happy…So do you want a Mini Guide?  Would you love to see our new Nativity with scripture written on each and every piece foretelling the wonderful story of the birth of our Lord and Savior?  Did you know that the Baby Jesus can be placed in the manger OR in Mary’s arms?  This is going to be so fun.  And we want to share with you all at our Christmas Product Launch on September 28th at 4:00 pm.  Click HERE for all of the details!!!



THESE TILES are making their debut in my Vintage Announcement Board.

Gearing up for a very amazing Christmas selling season!  Do you want to gather with me? 


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