lesson # 10,899 in raising kids


Suppose you have a couple of different obligations necessitating a couple of different vehicles in order for each to get where they are needed to go.

Suppose you drive both vehicles to church. Two kids with one parent and two kids with the other.

And suppose, when leaving the church each parent believes the other has the kids.

Supposedly, the end result may be that said children could be left in a neighboring community. In a school where we meet for church. With lights off and locked up. Because supposedly these children were so exhausted and fell asleep in a classroom during a meeting.

And let’s just say, when each parent believes the other had the kids, it might take a bit to figure it all out. Like maybe an hour or so. That is until the phone rings. And huffy people are on the other end wondering how we as parents could leave with only half of our kids in tow.

Of all of the lessons learned through parenting, two very distinct lessons shine through oh so clearly.

1.). This may be one of the times where cell phones were deemed a necessity.

2.). Never drive two cars to church.



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