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Friday faves–Halloween edition

Friday faves–Halloween edition

20141031-081615-29775079.jpgFace it.  Halloween is SO fun when you are 3 and 4.  I mean total fun.  Dressing up and going to Daddy’s office to get loved on in the middle of the day.  Oh my aching, aching heart.  My two little Baker cheerleaders who would go on to cheer on their Daddy the following weekend in an Alumni game.  This was definitely a favorite time in my life.  12 years ago?  Wow.

20141031-081612-29772217.jpgWe have a sweet little nephew who has a birthday close to Halloween.  The tradition has become a pumpkin carving party.  And I LOVE it so much.  And so do the kids–(even the big kids)

20141031-081613-29773256.jpgThose who know me well, know that I am a stickler about the sugary, candy like cereal.  UNLESS, it’s Halloween morning and there is a themed fun cereal out there.  Then, it’s a happy dance at the Kaufman breakfast table!!!  Because all healthy eating gets thrown out the window on this day anyway…right?

The20141031-081615-29775932.jpgYou may think blurry pics are a fave?  HA!  Not so much.   But running across these pictures of such a sweet time.  I did everything in my power to crop the chubby, sleep-deprived one out of this picture—with no luck.  Here my heart is broken in THREE.  The one month sweetness of Kourtney added to the mix.  Kourtney was THE best baby and made being a mommy so easy…even if it doesn’t look like it.  🙂

20141031-081617-29777780.jpgI never have bowls of this just hanging out on my lazy susan, except on Halloween.  But wouldn’t it be fun if I did?

20141031-081614-29774190.jpgLast two blurry pics, I promise.  Do you let your kids eat as much candy as they want on Halloween?  I remember that being a point of discussion in my group of mommies.  And we kind of do that.  By the time Halloween is over, they want nothing more to do with candy.  Especially when they hide in the back of the vehicle and all that is left is wrappers when you find them.  This would be Landon EVERY year.


20141031-081619-29779544.jpgDecorating my home for fall is my FAVORITE time of the year.  Pumpkins and lights and candles just define cozy to me.  I start on Labor Day and leave it up until the middle of November.  I am always sad to pack it away…

20141031-081620-29780390.jpgI can’t help it.  I love themed everything.  And especially desserts.  I think I’ve already posted about this dessert I’m making for tonight.  YUMMO!!  Because, you can never have too many sweets in one day.  Holy moly.

20141031-081618-29778698.jpgAnd this is exciting to me.  What a beautiful fall we are having and will continue to have the next week it looks like.   Hello boots and leggings and sweaters!!!!

20141031-081841-29921975.jpgOne reason I love these Friday faves is the very intentional gratitude for what may seem like very menial things.  So when the morning is rough, the homework isn’t done, only half the lunches get packed, and I’m cleaning up dishes from the night before—I get to stop and realize how good life really is.

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love to flash…


Starting today…paper bakeware prices at LESS than a dollar each!! This is a happy day for me. I depleted my freezer of all of the goodies I stocked up on. Just in time too. I am really excited about this particular recipe which bakes in two of our round foil pans…

What a sweet blessing to give someone. There are so many ideas of different ways to use these products and bless others. So fun!! And this is the season of baking and giving. Time to load up! And at $28 for the bundle, it’s a super time to think of all of the ways you can give and bless others. I would love to hear your ideas!!

You have heard me rave about the bakeware, so here is a chance for me to bless some of you!! For every 10 flash sale orders, I will be GIVING AWAY one bakeware bundle. I’m prepared to give lots away!! Putting the first order in today. Contact me via Facebook, text/call 620.386.0203, or email

no pictures!

no pictures!

I have found myself hesitating to even post the dilemma and decisions we have made over this last week.  I can’t speak for Steve, but as we deliberated over whether to schedule Natalie for knee surgery or not, I was thinking how horrible this whole situation was.  The “what if’s” of the past four months dealing with an aggravated injury that just wouldn’t go away.  No matter how hard we tried to make it.  Something was wrong.  Of course, my thoughts went to being sad for my little girl who loves basketball and facing the possibility of not playing this year, to fear and sadness for me (and Steve) at the thought of sending my little girl back to surgery.

Peace came to my stubborn self last Friday with a surgery already scheduled for the next Monday.  It was all I had in me to even schedule it as I wanted 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions.  I was not convinced.  Bless all of those who I pleaded with for answers.  And for our poor surgeon as I questioned him via speaker phone as I drove home from a conference.  Both Nat and Steve thought I may have been a bit harsh in my questioning…and I think I was.

20141028-071224-25944363.jpg Sitting in pre-op my stomach hurt, I could feel myself starting to tear up, and knew that I couldn’t. I almost felt we were not worthy of texts and calls of people praying for us. Like I didn’t know how to pray—mostly because I know what it feels like to plead with God to save the life of a child. To plead with God for restoration after a stroke. To plead with God for a safe and extremely dangerous surgery and cancer diagnosis. I know. Yet, I have worked myself up over this knee surgery.  And I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving.  That is what God wanted of me.  To be thankful for the healthy children I have.  To be thankful for the surgeon and the coaches and the friends who helped make this decision.  To be thankful for the peace in knowing we were in the right place.  And along with that thanksgiving—it was OK to ask specifically for what we wanted for her, even though I felt selfish in doing so.  But God already knew what we wanted, right?  We wanted it to be the most minor surgery she could have.  We want the quickest recovery possible so she can be back on the court this year.  And so that is what I asked.  And it’s what we prayed  for and had others pray for.  Knowing completely, that there were other possibilities that were very real and no matter the outcome, we would be fine.  And then waiting, with anticipation of what would be found.  And the phone call from the operating room—that the prayers had been answered in the way we had pleaded.

20141028-071626-26186221.jpg I am thankful now to be up through the night filling the ice machine and shoving pills. She is doing just as expected. And believes she will not be staying home too long. I believe the medicine has been “talking” a bit too as she declared she would be cheering Thursday night. (Um, ok–from the stands with your leg elevated) And she declared her need to get back to school for Algebra last night at 2:30 am. She may be the only patient I’ve ever had that has been irritated with me for waking them up to give pain medication. But hey—it just further affirms my love for labor and delivery patients.  (and not so much ortho! ha!)

Much thanks to all who prayed for my girl.  To my co-workers who agreed to cover my shift Sunday night, to my Mary & Martha hostess who had to run her own gathering yesterday evening, and my other kids who have been so sweet and helpful to Nat even when she grumps at them.  Oh, and Natalie’s phone full of texts–wow.  That girl has the best tribe of friends and prayer warriors.  Thank you.

Friday favessssss


This is the short and sweet easy version.

You know it’s Friday—and the laundry task has started off very well with just a load to fold. And my kids are out of school today–SCORE!😉

A sweet surprise from a sweet friend. How did you know I love pumpkins and chevron? And a cute real life stem. Darling! Thank you thank you thank you for my new mantel piece…

We finally finished up the painting on our house. You may remember back in the year 2013 when we started this project? Well finally, we could say rain was in the forecast every day and never get it done. (which is pretty much how we rolled)  So we pulled in the big guns and hired our grade school PE teacher—who is an awesome painter by the way. And he rocked it. Just in time for our house to be the backdrop for another fave of mine–our slowly turning Burning Bush and mums. Seriously, fall–you are beautiful.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you my fave thing for this edition is my favorite little football player to have ever worn pads. One more game. It’s a bowl game. How funny and cute is that? Except they are charging admission ….he’s 10. But I’ll pay to see him any day.🏈

As much as he has loved football, we have heard him quoted as saying “it’s about time to get serious about basketball”. 🏀 😊

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keep the tension.

keep the tension.

Never thought the color orange would ever be a favorite of mine.  {Sorry my Inman friends and family…no offense!}  But–that has changed.  Ever since my very first Orange Conference I attended about a year and a half ago.  So, what on earth am I talking about when I say “orange”?  Why do I love that color so much I was compelled to buy and wear my Orange TOMS?  Why are you going to see this bracelet on me more often than not?

I will tell you why.

There is nothing that makes much more sense to me, than what the color Orange really means for me in raising my family and as a leader in children’s ministry.  Take a look…




To summarize, the importance of church, the importance of children and youth leaders and their partnership with the family–HUGE!!  That’s where you get the color ORANGE.  Because both the church and the family are key components here.  Only when they work together do we see lives changed.  It’s then that we see children and youth grow in their relationship with Jesus.  And ultimately, that’s our goal, right?

Monday and Tuesday I was fortunate to attend the Orange Conference in Kansas City.  And I will say, for me as a parent, the information is just as important.  But one message by Reggie Joiner, rang true for me in this season of raising kids.  And I don’t know if I can really convey how awesome this is to anyone reading.  But for me, it will be important to have this written down again, not just in my notes.


To be the most effective in raising kids to know and have a relationship with Jesus, these things must be true.  Because holding and fighting for this TENSION is imperative.  Otherwise, we reduce the size of God.  See how true each of these statements are.  Do you see and feel the tension?  It is real.  It is true.

You can KNOW God.   <——————————————————————————>God is a MYSTERY

(God is way bigger than anything we can every know.  Hand kids a bigger picture of God–we do NOT know all of the answers)

You can become a Christian in a Moment  <—>It will take forever to figure out what it means to be a Christian.

The Bible is ALL true.  <———————————————–>  Everything true about life is NOT in the Bible

(there are many things in your life that are good and you will experience that are not in the Bible)

Trust leads to stronger faith. <————————————-> Doubt can lead to stronger faith

(create a safe place where issues can be wrestled with–a place to process doubt in order to own their own faith)

You should enjoy going to church <————————————————–>You an enjoy living in the world

(it’s ok to enjoy the world!!  God created the world.  Do not draw a line between the sacred and the secular.   Help kids get the understanding that God is in so much of the world around us—because HE created it!)

Your beliefs matter <————————————————————–> People matter MORE.

(If your beliefs cause you to treat people in a bad way—then your beliefs are wrong.)

God has an ideal <——————————————————>God uses BROKEN PEOPLE

(some day we will ALL mess up.  don’t set up a generation that can’t live up to the pictures)

God is GOOD <——————————————————->You should DO good.

(because God is good and God is in you, be what God has called you to be.  reflect his character.)

We must say YES to this tension of all of these things.  Because if we don’t?  Kids will miss and reject how BIG God really is.

Awesome tidbits from Reggie Joiner

*”You’re not called primarily to teach kids the Bible—you are called primarily to teach kids a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

**”God is bigger than the Bible–OR in other words, He is bigger than your translation of it”



“you will reduce the size of a very big God”



sweet sixteen


The 5 lb 15 oz bundle of pink happiness that made my dream of becoming a mommy come true…16 years ago! Now that bundle can drive mostly –still need to look at the regulations on that. That happened too quick that it hurts. And hasn’t she grown into such a lovely lady?

Can you spot the sweet thing?

I was gonna say that!

I was gonna say that!


Don’t miss this opportunity!  Begin your own Mary & Martha business and ministry NOW!


This was a risk for me over 2 years ago.  Seriously, it was.  Never in my mind did I believe I would ever be in direct selling (even with a rockstar Tupperware grandma!).  But, I loved these products and the messages they brought to my home SO much, I decided it was worth the risk.  And actually–Steve decided for me that it was worth the risk.  “You might as well sell, Steph.  You’re buying enough from them!”


Obviously, I did it.  Obviously, I love it.  Obviously, I’d love to share this opportunity and grow our team far and wide!  Our sales director, Kim Marquette said it so well in her blog, I have figured I’m going to let you see for yourself.

Click HERE.

If you could meet Kim, you’d join.  I promise you.  And if you join?  You’ll meet Kim.  Ask me how.  🙂


Opportunity call is tonight!!  Get on!  Check it out!  Nobody will know you are there, I promise.


bleu cheese is what??

bleu cheese is what??

Just face it–spirit week when you’re in high school is crazy fun. But when you’re a middle schooler? Holy moly…your life just doesn’t get much better.

Until, the morning of, you’re all dressed up for your class “salad dressing” (seriously, how cute is that?) and you realize that bleu cheese dressing is actually white, not blue. Uhhhhhh.20141020-075721-28641586.jpg

another last calls for celebration!

another last calls for celebration!

We were talking with Kourtney last night that it was her last volleyball game today. And she then informed me that it was her very last rec volleyball game ever! “I get to play junior high games next year”. Oh yeah…that’s right. My baby girl is completing her rec  volleyball tomorrow–wahhhh! 😥20141018-075605-28565211.jpg
And although not near as pretty as the picture from Mix and Match Mama’s blog–I do believe from a taste test, that these whoopie pies are pretty delicious. And a perfect way to end another season of our life. Because sweet things are in the future, right?

If you need an easy, yummy, sweet little treat, try out these recipes!!  Thanks Mix and Match Mama!  We have two more winners!

Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies

Oatmeal Cream Whoopie Pies