I see the floor!! and other goodies…




I was SO NOT looking forward to Monday.  Basically after a week away, frozen casseroles and crockpot meals, scraping literally everything we could from the fridge for lunches to avoid any grocery store runs, and mounds and mounds of laundry piling up—I was dreading the thought of what home would be for me come early Monday morning.

And as you can see, my laundry room floor is CLEAN!!  And my kitchen table has folded clothes ready to go to rooms.  Basically, Steve rocks as a housewife.  MUCH better than I could ever be.  And the kids were very quick to tell me they folded laundry all weekend.  Yes, Mary & Martha is a family affair.  They are my Mary & Martha village.  Never has a clean laundry room floor ever looked so good.  The sad reality is that I haven’t had it that clean in months.  See?  Steve is a great little homemaker…

Speaking of villages, the Mary & Martha TRUST TEAM is a pretty awesome village itself.  Between families weighing in on booth set-up including building mantles, stabilizing doors, booth design, product designs, and giving of their TIME in an already busy week—let me just say, this village rocked it at the Holiday Galleria last weekend.  And many more behind the scene “villagers” who aren’t even pictured.





Home office sweetheart, Dawn Stanford joined the forces, along with two Team Trust members. And Sunday I found me some good help, as soon as they finished their own shopping, of course.


I went to take a stroll around the convention center to do a little shopping of my own, and Natalie quickly went to work encouraging people to sign up for a gathering. Two years I can sign her up as a consultant! And both girls even got in some homework time while on the job…their payment you may be wondering? Younique mascara—ever heard of it? Pretty awesome.


So we had a great time connecting and sharing Mary & Martha last weekend. My goal for 2014-2015 is to expand my territory and the territory of TEAM TRUST.   And this galleria was a great step in accomplishing that.

And with that, a Holiday Boutique in Overland Park has contacted us to bring Mary & Martha to the greater Kansas City area.  And you know what?  I have at least 4 team members there, including a new Team Leader.  Expanding the territory in another part of Kansas?  Well, we are praying about that decision as I write.  And because of this, and because of the work being done in the next couple of days as far as scheduling, I HAVE to make sure our faithful customers are taken care of as well.  We are beginning to book.  In fact, October has one gathering date left—October 16.  Take a look at the specials for this month…


Have you seen our new ornaments?  Stop by and check them out sometime!!  I can’t wait to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE them away.  Combine orders with your friends and see how many FREE ornaments you can get!!

And then there’s November.  These specials are going to knock your Christmas stockings off!!


And what about this guest special?  Christmas shopping is going to so easy this year…


This won’t be the last you hear of these great deals—but I want YOU all to be one of the FIRST to get your gatherings scheduled.






And finally, let’s take a breath here…

I am offering a cash and carry to my local customers –must pick up — (NO SHIPPING and NO TAX) on the following items…

Kitchen Caddy—$38

Grace & Gratitude Pitcher—$36

Blessings Cardholder—$34

Celebrate Cardholder—$34

Coffee Scoops–long handled (discontinued)—$13

Acts 2 and Love and Grace Tea Towels—$22

Chalkboard Trays—$84

Small Glass Lanterns–$54

Stamped Jute Placemats—$22

Tears in a Bottle—$15

*******Quantities are limited.  First Come First Served*****

Contact me through facebook or cell 620.386.0203


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