power in sisterhood

power in sisterhood

And so ends the JV volleyball year with my setter and my hitter. Kourtney has traveled to many games to watch her sisters play. And I think there’s a part of her that thinks it’s really cool to NOT have a sibling on her team. Because when we go watch Kourtney play–we are only watching Kourtney play. And let’s face it–when you are one of four kiddos—it’s pretty awesome when you get to be the center of attention.

And then it dawned on us all—but it really clicked for Kourtney as she was talking with the girls and we watched the varsity girls warm up—that she will get to be playing volleyball with Kassidy when Kass is a senior and she is a freshman. Now, we all kind of knew it, because obviously they are 3 years apart in school. But it was made very real for Kourtney last night. And let me tell you, I wish I could capture the sparkle in her eyes.

The power of sisterhood–something I have never known but get to experience. Awesome.


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