friday faves

friday faves

1.)  As much as I love to get up and get my workout done–for some reason this week, I Therefore I declare my bed a favorite. I am choosing to listen to my body this week–but back to early mornings next week!

2.) Nothing better than a clean house and laundry finished going into a weekend. So a clean house on Friday? Definitely a fave. The wood floor is cleaned–but I’ve got a little ways to go. But if I get this task done? You can bet we will all have a better weekend. (Note-the kids are in charge of their rooms and bathrooms!)

3.) The Best Yes. My new bible study I am loving… Click here to see why.

4.) And of course, no Friday fave is complete without the newest development in Mary & Martha! Sponsoring promotion coming our way next Tuesday! Exciting because of the three wonderful ladies I’ve been talking with about joining my team. And exciting because of the others I don’t even know about yet!

There is more to come on this–but for now, if you have any interest in this business and ministry–there will be no lower risk than now. Seriously–can not even tell you how your investment will return–and then some!! 😉

5.) Baked steak. My family’s fave. It’s what’s for Sunday’s dinner. And it’s already thawed which means I have to use it. This recipe was featured at Tonya’s weekend potluck last year and has been viewed multiple times, shared on Pinterest daily, and I still get questions about it to this day.  Want the recipe?  You can check it out here.

6.)  I was invited to an Origami Owl party. I am needing a new lanyard. They just came out with new lanyards! I got myself a lanyard. And I can hardly wait to work this weekend so I can wear it. In fact–I almost wished I had been called in last night while on call so I could wear it. But this still looked pretty good…

And finally—because I am beginning to bore myself, I can’t imagine where you may be…

7.) There were three girls who had musical practice early this morning. And one was as happy as she has ever been in the morning. The other two–not so much.  So the happy kid is the fave today.  HA! (just kidding–kind of.)

Happy Friday, friends!


**linking up with these fun gals in the blogworld...Narci, Andrea, Erika.


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  1. I read the last part of this before looking at the picture and I KNEW it was going to be KOURTNEY [?] Love all of your girls (and probably Landon, too . . . just don’t know him yet 🙂

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