Friday favessssss


This is the short and sweet easy version.

You know it’s Friday—and the laundry task has started off very well with just a load to fold. And my kids are out of school today–SCORE!😉

A sweet surprise from a sweet friend. How did you know I love pumpkins and chevron? And a cute real life stem. Darling! Thank you thank you thank you for my new mantel piece…

We finally finished up the painting on our house. You may remember back in the year 2013 when we started this project? Well finally, we could say rain was in the forecast every day and never get it done. (which is pretty much how we rolled)  So we pulled in the big guns and hired our grade school PE teacher—who is an awesome painter by the way. And he rocked it. Just in time for our house to be the backdrop for another fave of mine–our slowly turning Burning Bush and mums. Seriously, fall–you are beautiful.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you my fave thing for this edition is my favorite little football player to have ever worn pads. One more game. It’s a bowl game. How funny and cute is that? Except they are charging admission ….he’s 10. But I’ll pay to see him any day.🏈

As much as he has loved football, we have heard him quoted as saying “it’s about time to get serious about basketball”. 🏀 😊

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