love to flash…


Starting today…paper bakeware prices at LESS than a dollar each!! This is a happy day for me. I depleted my freezer of all of the goodies I stocked up on. Just in time too. I am really excited about this particular recipe which bakes in two of our round foil pans…

What a sweet blessing to give someone. There are so many ideas of different ways to use these products and bless others. So fun!! And this is the season of baking and giving. Time to load up! And at $28 for the bundle, it’s a super time to think of all of the ways you can give and bless others. I would love to hear your ideas!!

You have heard me rave about the bakeware, so here is a chance for me to bless some of you!! For every 10 flash sale orders, I will be GIVING AWAY one bakeware bundle. I’m prepared to give lots away!! Putting the first order in today. Contact me via Facebook, text/call 620.386.0203, or email


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