gonna need another cow…

gonna need another cow…

Another productive Wildtree Freezer Workshop this past weekend left my freezer stocked and loaded to begin these next few crazy weeks…and I couldn’t be more excited!  This time, a couple of us did TWO workshops at the same time, which means we were left with 20 meals for the freezer!!!  TWENTY!!!  (insert me jumping up and down and giddy whenever I open up my freezers and see this…)


Because I was in the “mode”, I had thawed 4 extra pounds of hamburger to be used this week for meals.  I had some ideas in mind, especially for the girls to take as leftovers for lunches.

I had a Wildtree Lasagna Skillet packet left from the workshop, diced tomatoes and pasta in the pantry, and cheese and hamburger in the fridge.  I was set!  And quite honestly?  Pretty proud of myself.


Lo and behold, between the loads of laundry and preparation for an out of state gathering last night, I was left with a meal undone for the other 5, make it 6 (Landon had a friend over) for dinner.  But never fear, right?  My girls are getting pretty good in the kitchen.  And the package had all of the directions and I had a cell phone for help.  I left feeling very confident that there would be a yummy fulfilling meal for them.  I asked it to be done by 5:30 and judging from the calls I received, they were right on track.


Remember…I thawed FOUR pounds of hamburger.  And let me go on saying, in the package directions, it says to brown ONE pound of hamburger.  I expected 1 package of hamburger to be used.  (they are packaged in 2 lbs)  And was thinking, my family will appreciate and need the extra meat.


This morning, I looked for the hamburger for another meal I wanted to make today.  Nowhere to be found.  I looked for leftovers to pack up for lunches.  Nowhere to be found.  And I remembered Steve’s comment last night as I was driving home “that sure was A LOT of meat in that dish”. 


Not naming any names here, but…



Somebody call the butcher.  We are gonna need more meat.



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