the itch has arrived.

the itch has arrived.

I can’t say “no” any more.  I love you fall decor.  I love you pumpkins.  I love you Thanksgiving and I will celebrate you with a most thankful heart for so, so much.  BUT, I’m going to do it with a Christmas tree and gifts wrapped under my tree.  And if I have my way, with no more worry of Christmas shopping to do.


The itch is going to have to be scratched. The weather says it. Bath and Body Works candles say it. And these awesome Caroling Party costumes are yelling my name. Can I say I successfully humiliated my oldest daughter in Target yesterday?  Yes, yes I did.  😉

I was given an unexpected gift in being called off from work last night—which I believe Steve thinks is extremely dangerous as I plot Christmas decorating and gift wrapping.

Bring on the red, green, and Vanilla Bean Noel.


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