full of Friday faves…

full of Friday faves…

20141114-052320-19400991.jpgThis Friday fave edition is loooonnnggg.  In fact, I am not going to be putting my recipes in here, because of that very fact!  I could not round up this edition without raving about my Mary & Martha hostesses this week.  It’s Mary & Martha Marathon week over here.  I LOVE how these hostesses are using the beautiful Praise Tray and mugs.  One of our favorite products, this hostess knew what she was doing.  These guests were spoiled.  It was hospitality at it’s finest.  The apple bar pictured above was so much fun.  And the Apple Cider Nog I will be telling you about was to die for.


While the girls and I were away this past weekend, Steve and Landon had a bit of fun in the kitchen and kept sending us pics of what they were making on the new Green Mountain Grill.  These Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings were pretty amazing, I’ve got to admit.  Imagine this on your next burger?  Talk about taking it to the next level!!  Click HERE to read all about them!


20141114-052321-19401551.jpgBasketball has started for one little boy over here, with the girls soon to begin.  New uniforms this year with the theme Work Hard, Play Hard.  They are super cool.  And even cooler that they match is black eye.

And a little throwback to a couple of years ago when this team first started.  First games are tomorrow and we can not wait!

20141114-052626-19586920.jpgBurnin’ in my soul…

Our theme song at church as we begin our campus wide Ignite Initiative.  God is up to some big, big things at Journey  with a new building in progress for our campus specifically.  And it is exciting to be a part of!  The song Burnin’ In My Soul can be heard in our house multiple times a day.  Sometimes sung along with this version.  Sometimes in casual conversation.  Sometimes we can not get it out of our heads.  And I can’t wait for our all campus celebration on Sunday.  I have a feeling that song is going to totally rock.  Click HERE to listen and get it stuck in your head too!

And to stick with the burning thing I’ve got going on here, the sub-freezing temps means our fireplace is going!!  I’m not sure there’s anything more comforting than a warm fire?



20141114-053311-19991701.jpgA gathering at a hostesses home lit with Christmas lights and decor’.  A woman after my own heart!  I was a little bit nervous driving to these gal’s house never having met her before.  But as soon as I walked in, she welcomed me with open arms and the most vivacious spirit.  I got to introduce Mary & Martha to 15 women who had never heard of it before.  Totally awesome.  (as was the food!)

20141114-053312-19992141.jpgI have gone nutso for NuttZo.  Sorry, that is a horribly bad pun, I know.  But, it is true.  This nut and seed butter is delicious.  Click HERE to read all about the wholesome goodness of this nut butter.  Oh yummy, yummy, yummy!!

20141114-053516-20116309.jpgThis next picture is a little blurry AND a little sad.  But it’s a fave because my youngest girl, Kourtney, was getting ready for a day at school that she would be performing in the upcoming musical, Music Man.  She was to be in stage make-up and her hair in braids for her part.  Knowing she would not have time or help in school, I needed to get her ready in the morning.  Oh bless the tween hormones and self-conciousness.  She was so over the top worked up about being made fun of for her makeup and hair in braids.  But I still forced a smile out of her…

20141114-053551-20151548.jpgThis next fave is absolutely hands down the best drink I have ever put to my lips.  So good that it is getting its’ own post for the Weekend Potluck party.  You will have to click HERE to read all about and get the recipe for this delicious Apple Cider Nog.


20141114-054003-20403056.jpgOk, yes.  I admit it.  Both of my Christmas trees are up (undecorated!!) and my closet is cleaned out and crates are stacked ready to be put into action for this upcoming Christmas season.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Thanksgiving and celebrate with all of my heart—but I just like my home decorated in lights while I do.  Don’t judge.  😉

I will blame a bit of it on Mary & Martha.  I mean, if we are selling Christmas items right now, that means I have to get in the Christmas spirit, right?!

I found these glimmer strings at Pier One the other day to add to my lanterns.  Oh my goodness.  I am in love with them!!  Mary & Martha consultants—–you NEED these!!  And they are 20% off right now!!


That’s a lot of faves.  I know.

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