celebrate good times, come on!

celebrate good times, come on!

Isn’t it great when a super deal comes along? We are excited for our FLASH SALE that begins TODAY at 10:00 am CST. 20141118-061411-22451614.jpg
What are the things YOU are celebrating in your life right now? Besides Christmas cards and pictures soon to be coming your way, what are other ways you can use this Celebrate Cardholder?


Check out this darling idea displayed at a baby shower…

And my all time favorite way is to use as a blessing for teachers as a class gift—each student writing a note of appreciation. How cute is that?! Sunday school teachers, coaches, a coworker’s promotion, the possibilities are endless!!

Our FLAsH SALE is just that. It’s here and gone in a flash—quantities are limited!! My first order is going in at the earliest possible time. And we cross our fingers from there!! Let us help you finish up your Christmas shopping with a meaningful gift for only $20!! (Local customers—I’m saving you shipping!)


Link to purchase your own is in comments—-remember—begins at 10:00 am CST today!

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