I’d love to help you out… (and LOW inventory alerts.)

I’d love to help you out… (and LOW inventory alerts.)

It’s Christmas season and that means you’re going to be seeing a lot of things from me from Mary & Martha.  I want to make things as EASY for your gift giving as possible.  And we have compiled a list of beautiful products for under $35…


And with this Christmas season, things begin to sell out.  And a few of them are our very popular items.  And as of yesterday, we learned some are going to be discontinued.  This always bring a bit of angst, especially when they are top sellers.  However, it just means there are fun, exciting, NEW products coming!!!  (you’ll learn more in January!)

The Rustic Block Set and Set of Three Spool Hooks are on LOW INVENTORY AND WILL BE DISCONTINUED.  If you love these products (I use those spool hooks for my scarves!!) you need to hurry and order.  I am happy to take care of this for you and help you save shipping, just contact me.


And finally, the very popular Praise Tray.  It’s not going anywhere–no worries!!  BUT, it’s on low inventory.  Best bet for getting your hands on these trays is to order SOON.


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