Friday faves–this is Christmas.

Friday faves–this is Christmas.

20141212-062457-23097388.jpg1.)  Christmas Shopping Day

So. Much. Fun.

It used to be a day we reserved for our family–with an early morning wake up, McDonald’s breakfast stop, non-stop shopping with a hot chocolate break, out for lunch, splitting up the kids so they could shop for each other, and an ending with dinner.

Not any more.  It’s just me and Steve and a Fresh Market coffee sample stop.  Marathon shopping through lunch and an early dinner of sushi before we race back for a basketball tournament.

20141212-062459-23099329.jpg2.)  WASABI SUSHI BAR

One of the reasons I love sushi so much, is that you leave and you don’t feel full.  NOT this time.  Oh my goodness.  We were starving and ate nonstop for 20 minutes.  No kidding.  But oh my it was yummy!

20141212-062458-23098419.jpg3.)  Unexpected Christmas blessings…

There have been a few times this week that my heart has been filled by the love and generosity of others.  Our kids at church have adopted four kids for Christmas.  We had a pretty extensive list of items to get, which we then opened up to the congregation to help us out with.  After delivering college care packages for finals week, a sweet girl brought me this gift card.  It blessed my heart so much that they compiled (probably their $$ for gas or necessities) together money and are giving in this way.  Is that not the greatest?  One of those teenage boys is going to be pretty pumped to find this under the tree on Christmas morning.

20141212-062712-23232592.jpg4.)  Mary & Martha products in use this season.

We get lots of pictures of our products in use which come across facebook each day.  This was a favorite of mine, using chalkboard markers on our Chalkboard Tray.  I wish I had artistic ability.

Then, driving Landon to practice last night in a neighboring town, we drove through a neighborhood full of lights.  And there on the house next to the door was a Blessings Door Bucket filled with Christmas decor.  I was so excited!  I had no idea who’s home it was.  But pretty neat to see our products in other communities~

20141212-062734-23254832.jpg5.)  Mary & Martha Home Office Staff and Mission

I watched this video prepared for us by the Mary & Martha home office.  The people who lead our company.  The people who take care of us.  The simple message of Christ as the center of Christmas and the love poured through that video, was a sweet gift.  You’ve got to see this.

Click HERE.

If this blesses you too and you think you’d love to be a part of this amazing company?  Let me know.  We would love to have you join our team!


behold the lamb

6.)  Behold the Lamb

This depiction of the greatest story ever told is what Christmas is to me each year.  About 3 years ago, our Sunday School class was in charge of the Christmas Eve service at our church.  Together kids and adults came together in what I believe is the most meaningful collection of stories through song.  I love the people who came together to make it happen and have the best memories of the whole thing.  Honestly, this is more than a Friday Fave.  I begin listening to these songs from the minute Christmas is whispered on anyone’s lips.   I love the ENTIRE CD.  I love the memories it brings of a very bitter turned sweet time of our lives.  During the middle of all of these practices for this program, my Dad was diagnosed and had a very dangerous surgery.  We got the very best news that Christmas Eve morning.  His cancer was contained!!!  And he was going to be fine.  So that celebration of Behold the Lamb that night at church?  Was so amazing.  I was brought to tears over and over and over again that evening.  The next few Friday Faves will feature these beautiful songs.  Oh I love them.  Can you tell?  🙂

This is the song that starts everything off, asking the children to “Gather ‘Round” to hear the old, old story.

Click HERE.

7.)  Matthew Begats

This song deserves its very own recognition.  Hands down the most favorite song of the kids in Behold the Lamb.   It’s all about the lineage of Jesus.  It’s a fun song that sets up how everyone came to be.  It is SO FUN!  And I love this version and visual.  My kids have begged to listen to this song daily.

Click HERE.

Happy Friday friends.  I hope it is a FAVE!!

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