be a celebration of God’s love…



I have been praying about how I can use Mary & Martha to bless others.  It usually does not take me long to figure out what to do.  Whether it’s a certain product with it’s meaningful message.  Or if it’s offering specials to all of you so you can bless others with meaning this Christmas.


I have to admit.  I am just stuck.  We have 3 days left of ordering to get your products for Christmas.  I have specials I’m planning for the week before Christmas (STAY TUNED!!!), but what can I do these next few days?


Honestly, I don’t know who it is that I am blessing…yet.  I don’t know how much it will be that I can bless with.


For the next 3 days, all sales earnings will be going to a family in need.  I believe God will show me who that is as.  And I have to have my eyes open, my ears listening, and be ready to act.


For you all, I am offering FREE SHIPPING and 25% off from now through Monday, December 15th.  I could go on and on about our different products and what I love about each…but I’m guessing you know a lot about that already.  If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get for Christmas, now is your chance at a great price with a chance to bless others as well.  Must order directly through me to take advantage of this offer. 

Call/Text 620.386.0203

christmas blessing


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