the importance of traditions…

the importance of traditions…

20141221-213917-77957529.jpgTraditions mean something.

20141221-213918-77958505.jpgThings change.  They are supposed to.  It’s how you grow.  And we’ve had quite a few changes in the last couple of years.  Christmas isn’t the same as it used to be.  Partly because as you grow up, your responsibilities and activities become more intense, whereas, as we have realized with Landon—it pretty much ROCKS to be in Elementary School during the Christmas season…but the older you get, the more commitments you have.  You don’t have as much time for the anticipation of what is to come.  And wouldn’t you agree that’s the best part of Christmas?

The expectation and anticipation:  advent.

20141221-213916-77956998.jpgChristmas Lights Night is a very favorite.  What started many, many years ago, has become something our kids look forward to each and every year.  And each and every year, it seems we have to get a bit more creative to accomplish this night of tradition!  They were all smiles when they realized, after dinner together and a bit of shopping, that on their seats was a wrapped gift of new pajamas.  And finally we were in the biggest city around (something I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of years)


20141221-213918-77958985.jpgA new twist this year, was changing in the suburban and making a public appearance in their pajamas.  “SO embarassing, Mom”.  But, they were good sports and I think they thought it was pretty much fun.

20141221-213918-77958019.jpgI plan to be doing this when they come home from college.  When they bring their boyfriends and girlfriend.  I plan that we are doing this even if we have to rent a 15 passenger van.  Or bus.  Or whatever it takes.

20141221-214110-78070553.jpgWe marched them right into Rita’s for some ice and custard.  I was honestly hoping for Starbucks, but it turned out alright….


I think maybe next year, I’m going to have to get Steve and I some new pj’s as well.  I was jealous how comfy they were as we loaded back up with our treats and headed to the light display.


20141221-214330-78210474.jpgWe had some of the best light displays to drive through!  And got some really good ideas for next year for our home.  (Steve isn’t so sure…)


I just read a really good article on what matters at Christmas.  There is something about tradition that is comforting to kids.  They know what to expect.  It’s a way of feeling a “part” of something.  And listening to my kids this year, in particular, they have proven to me how important certain things are to them.  It’s not about the gifts.  It’s about what we do together…

Finding the JOY in the little things is what matters most.  Even if it might be a bit embarassing marching in public in your jammies…


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