I almost called it off…


Rewind 18 years ago yesterday evening. Our wedding rehearsal. Steve did not wrap the gifts for his guys in the navy wrapping paper and gold bows like I had asked him to do. His gifts looked horrible. Not how I envisioned my perfect looking gift table for our attendants…at all. Not sure I was going to be able to marry this person. What was I getting in to? Would we make it? Because seriously, he didn’t care about the gifts. I wish I was kidding that those thoughts did not cross my mind. But as I was reminded by our family this weekend, that was a very real thought I had in that moment.

Thank goodness it was a fleeting thought and I had some very wise counsel to not call the wedding off. (Can you say bridezilla?)


It’s been 18 years…and guess who wraps all the gifts?


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