and now to carry it through…

and now to carry it through…


20141229-114409-42249417.jpgWhy does intentional family time and fun happen mostly during the holidays?  How can we bottle up the love, joy, and happiness of this season and keep it the whole year through?


20141229-114408-42248293.jpgBeginning of the new year does not have to be a downer.  A let down.  A ho hum type of attitude, right?


Intentionality…can happen at all times.

20141229-114547-42347206.jpgCelebrating the Savior’s birth should be daily!

20141229-114546-42346719.jpgAnd celebrating the gift of family, of life, of each day should be a constant.  How can we bottle it up?

Our family has determined and declared that Christmas Eve is the best feeling.  The anticipation is still there.  Everyone is off work.  The day is relaxed and an evening of the beauty of Christmas awaits.

20141229-114725-42445631.jpgListening to your children read the Christmas story from Luke…

20141229-114727-42447174.jpgThe love…

20141229-114726-42446726.jpgEveryone smiling…

20141229-114726-42446128.jpgAnd Landon taking care of a VERY BIG need in our house.  Robes for his sisters—no more streaking with towels!!



Christmas morning together.


20141229-114904-42544609.jpgHoning in on your basketball skills to earn yourself some extra Christmas cash with a little Christmas KnockOut…I went home broke.


20141229-114905-42545058.jpgFamily game nights.


20141229-114905-42545531.jpgWe all agree that Poppyseed Roll should not be reserved just for the holiday season.  Why not a family dinner with the goodies in February?  Or May?  Or July?  and September?


20141229-114907-42547767.jpgGenerations together.


The sounds of Pit and Grandpa getting as far away from the chaos as possible.

20141229-115100-42660941.jpgOf course, computer games.

20141229-115100-42660494.jpgThis all happened in the course of just a few years!  My Dad looks stunned, doesn’t he?  😉



20141229-115101-42661391.jpgWhat do ya say we carry this the whole year through?


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