and the word for the year is…

and the word for the year is…


I have to admit, as we all do, that sometimes joy is a hard word to come by.  I so easily get sucked in to the drama of this world (I have three girls, remember?) and let others dictate how I view my world.  Ever so slowly, I am learning that JOY is a conscious decision.  It is a decision each and every one of us has as we wake up to a new day each morning.  Others are NOT in control of your JOY or my JOY


I love to read blogs.  I really do.  In fact, I think I am really good friends with some people I have never even met in real life.  Steve finds this rather disturbing, and I get it.  And in the last three years, I have realized my love to write and document our family has been energizing to me.  By blogging, you only are shown what I want you to see.  Just like facebook and social media, you can paint your own kind of world.  Whether you show negativity or positivity–you are in control of what others see.  I can let this bother me sometimes, but in an effort to be completely transparent and in teaching my kids how to use social media appropriately, the being real factor comes in to play.  That being said, we do not paint a picture of all rainbows, unicorns, roses, and candy.  That isn’t real for us.  We have days we struggle to like each other.  We have days we wonder if it’s all worth it.  We have days we want to throw in the towel.  Days when I question my direction and what I really need to make a priority.  Days I struggle to be intentional and just want to stay in my bed not having to deal with anyone or anything.


I am going in to a coaching call this afternoon about what my goals are for the year 2015.  And you know what?  I don’t know.  I seriously just don’t know.  But one thing that remained constant and it feels like God is banging me over the head with, it that my word for this year is JOY. The Christmas napkins I chose…


Cards I have chosen…


What is God saying to me here?  What I want to see in my family is something I have to model.  Changing the way I wake up each day to an attitude of gratitude (sorry for the cliche’).  But it’s true.  To earnestly search for JOY.  And the very real realization that JOY does not mean happiness.  I have lots and lots of happiness a lot of the time.  But true JOY is not the same.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  How sad to miss the opportunity to have real JOY every day.  There are days to come that are not going to be fun.  I know that.  There are days to come where we may experience the deepest of all sadness and despair.  I know that.  There are days to come that are going to be the best days of our lives.  I know that. 

2015?  Bring it on.  I choose JOY.



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