Friday faves–Christmas vaca edition


1.) Family time—this has probably been the best schedule for break we have had in awhile. Two extra long weekends in a row. We should really implement this monthly I believe.


2.) Shopping with my big girls. Much more fun when they have their own Christmas money to shop with–ha!


3.) This has been me the majority of the last two weeks–glasses, sweats, no makeup—glorious. With the exception of a few evenings of plans like an anniversary where I decided to shower and dress up.


4.) All packed up—as much as I LOVE to put my Christmas stuff up early, I LOVE to pack it away almost equally as much.

5.) Crazy Shepherds—I love this picture. And I’m slightly disturbed by it.


6.) One of my indulgences is getting my nails done once a month. I love the look of a French manicure shellac. And my sweet nail girl is ALWAYS trying to get me to step out of the box. She is not much older than Nat and it explains so much in her persistence in getting me to do something crazy. Well I finally did it. I stepped out of my box and added some red. Which was great for Christmas and will be great for some Wildcat and Triple Threat basketball the next few days.


The best thing is that the holidays are over and it’s only Friday!! Kids have NO homework and Steve is off. This is definitely my Friday Fave!!


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