20150107-183553-66953481.jpgIdeas for Christmas gifts get harder and harder each year.  I mean seriously.  Landon asked for a basketball.  And how many do we have?

I came across an idea a friend of mine was looking into for her kids.  Kiwi Crate.  

Basically, it is a box delivered monthly of activities for kids of all ages.  You just choose the one right for your kiddos!

And let’s face it.  MAIL is big time for all of us, isn’t it?  But especially kids.  They LOVE to get mail.  So when I picked up Landon after school today with his orange box waiting, he was pumped!!!

20150107-183612-66972033.jpgWe subscribed to Tinker Crate for Landon, which focuses on helping kids explore science, technology and engineering.  And from what I’ve seen, it’s been a lot of engineering type activities so far.  Enter: the Trebuchet for this month’s activities.  UGH!!  I knew he was going to need help with this.  Tinker Crate is designed for kids ages 9-16.  (He’s 10).  Other reasons I was intrigued with this was the opportunity we would have to work on this together after school as it is just “us” each day.  But looking at this, I was beginning to wonder…

20150107-183640-67000339.jpgAnd then, I decided to put on my big girl momma panties and jump in.  I’m 41!!  Way past the ages on this thing.  I was sure I could figure it out.

20150107-183702-67022582.jpgWith a little help, of course…

20150107-183721-67041341.jpgWe spent a good hour on this project with a coffee break for me in between.  My head was beginning to hurt…  😉

20150107-183759-67079984.jpgI honestly would like to know how many of you know what a TREBUCHET is?  Raise your hands.  Do you know?  I had no clue.  Steve had no clue.  Landon had no clue.  And Grandpa had no clue.  But we got to read all about the use of trebuchets in the early days of war.  Interesting.


And to see it actually work was so fun!  Landon was really starting to get in to it as he tried adding and taking away weight to see what would happen.


We did have an experiment hazard.  Her name is Brinks.  She was not helpful.




20150107-183843-67123444.jpgDad gets home, and he gets the ping pong ball to fly further than we did.

Go figure.


I know you didn’t know what a Trebuchet was.  You know you didn’t know.  But now you do.  You’re welcome.  😉



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