last FLASH SALE before the NEW!!!

last FLASH SALE before the NEW!!!



Not sure I mentioned yet the exciting event coming up in next week in Mary & Martha?  Did I?  I know I’ve been talking about it and have been planning it for weeks now.  And I can’t wait.  Our Leadership Conference!  Exciting for me because it is like one of the best women’s conferences that spiritually energizes you with motivation, worship, girl time, and so much more.  Exciting for YOU because I am going to be sending back sneak peeks of our new Spring catalog and Spring Product Line!!!!  WOO HOO!


As we clear out and make room for the new, it’s always a good time for a sale, right?  I LOVE sales.  And I love offering them to my customers.  I was SUPER excited to hear the bakeware was on sale and in bundles!  How sweet is that—mostly because I have used most of mine through this holiday baking season.  So have at it!  Take a look at the sales and if you see something you need, love, or want–let me know or you can order directly.  IF you are local, I will of course save you shipping!  😉





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