hold me accountable.


I will admit.  I love Mondays.  A fresh slate to begin the week.  Order comes after the chaos of the weekend (which don’t get me wrong–I LOVE as well).  But Mondays.  Starting fresh.  Organization or attempting organization returns.  Sometimes Mondays suck.  And sometimes it’s because of the new slate when I don’t want to let go of the old.


The same goes for the NEW YEAR which we are just embarking on.  Another fresh slate.  A time to re-evaluate–and let’s face it.  We all do.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we have resolutions, goals, dreams, whatever you want to call it, floating around in our heads.  And some of us put it down on paper.  Some of us never let it out.


There are so many parts to my own personal life I am evaluating.  Personal goals that don’t need to be shared.  Personal evaluations of different aspects of my life and where God is leading with each.  I can get very frustrated when I don’t have a clear path.  And right now, my path seems a bit blurry.


I just read in my Mary & Martha Heartlink (our consultant newsletter of sorts) a great little blurb from our Sales Director–a trusted mentor.  And wow, it spoke to me as it is January 14th and I am still wrestling with what I want my new year to accomplish.

From Kim Marquette~~

What if I did that? Actually learned from past years and made this one different?

The word new means fresh, recent, not habituated! Now there’s a word you don’t hear much in today’s conversation.

What will it mean to not habituate (use that at a party, 3 points for vocab!) your year? What habits will you say goodbye to today?

Remember an old habit must be replaced by a new habit. Otherwise the old habit weasels its way back into the comfort of the familiar.

How will you do to redefine & make NEW your year?

  1. Sit down for one hour and decide what you want to be true on December 31, 2015. One thing, two things, but no more than 3 things. Too many goals and none are achieved.
  2. Break down your goal into milestones (actions/events marking a significant change or stage in development).
  3. Share your goal and milestones (dates included) with a friend and ask her to hold you accountable.


Remember make sure your goal(s) is doable, measurable, and worth the effort.

Say goodbye to the old!


“Sit down and decide what I want to be true on December 31, 2015”

I love that.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am posting 365 Days of Joy.  JOY.  My word for the year.  Not my goal—but my aspiration to find JOY in each day.  Amazing to me the very little things I take for granted.  The JOY that is represented in each facet of my life is right there in front of me to see each and every day.  It’s recognizing it that is hard.  So I am being very intentional in finding JOY.

But what do I want to have accomplished by December 31, 2015?

 FREEDOM.  I want freedom to do the things I need to do for myself, Steve, the kids, Mary & Martha, the hospital, church, and friends.

Freedom for me begins at home.  Keeping my home organized, tidy, and ready for anyone and anything that might come our way.  This has everything to do with my mindset.  Have you heard the acronym for C.H.A.O.S. before?  “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome?”  I have been a victim to this on many occasion.  Where I might have missed an opportunity to serve or bless someone else because I just didn’t have it together at home.  Whether my house was a mess, the laundry out of control, no food in the fridge or the freezer or pantry, little sleep, and the list goes on and on.  I have run crazy to prepare for events in our home that I so love to do.  Having people in my home is my love language.  But sometimes I get overwhelmed in my “C.H.A.O.S.” state.  FREEDOM is lost because I am out of control.

To implement this for 2015, I have to do a few things that I have started implementing.

1.)  Get enough sleep and take care of myself.  Carving out time for devotions.  Guarding against overbooking.  Realizing my “BEST Yes” and sticking to it.  Saying “no” to some good things.  Starting a bible study.

2.)  Take care of my family.  Stay on top of the laundry.  Meal plan and prepare.  Always look to the weeks ahead.  Enforce tidyness in their rooms, car, and around the house with reminders and privileges.

3.)  Pray over my Mary & Martha team.  Listen and discern for opportunities.  Work my business in some way every day.  Set boundaries.

4.)  Be present.  In the moment with the people I love most.  Making the most of these days with Steve and my kids that are a gift.  Not guaranteed.  No regrets.

So, when December 31, 2015 rolls around…I hope to have had many, many people in my home.  Without stress.  Prepared.  Freedom to be in the moment with family and friends.  Organization that helps lead me to saying “yes” because I can and I want to.  And the more I think about this plan, the more I think about our mantra for Mary & Martha.  Living in the “&”.  That’s what I want.

The freedom to be Mary because my Martha has taken care of the rest.



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